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Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
7 years ago
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Emotions should flow through us the way they flow through children (who can have a temper tantrum one minute and be all smiles the next). As we grow older these emotions get stuck in our physiology and color our whole outlook on life causing us to feel stuck in old patterns. I work with you over the phone, to clear stuck emotions quickly, easily and effectively. Together we will shift your energy and get you flowing in the right direction again. Sessions last about an hour depending on what needs to be cleared and how fast your system is ready to process.

What can I clear?: You name it! All the usual topics; work, family, relationships, self-sabotage and the like or if you are generally feeling stuck and confused.

About me: I am a 35 year Corporate Information Technologist and 40+ year student of spirituality and transformational personal development (so lots of left-brain and right-brain thinking!). Originally from England, I am now practicing empathic intuitive clearing and coaching in Asheville, NC where I live with my wife and two children.

Cost: Donation basis. I will charge you the same as you are paying your favorite other healers, energy workers, psychics etc. If you have a great income stream and are used to paying $200 an hour or more then that is my fee. If you really are flat broke and it is appropriate for me to work with you for free, I will do so. Most likely we can agree on something in between! I want to be of service. What can you afford?

For more details and to set up an appointment: Email me at Trevor@HolisticExecutiveCoaching.com

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