woke up stressed and confused

2 months ago
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So last night I had this dream that kinda freaked me out but confused me just the same. 

So to sum up what I remember of the dream My Step Mom (who looks kinda sickley and out of it and has kinda an evil feel to her in this dream) out of nowhere tells me she killed my Dad. I'm like what? Then suddenly she isn't there and am freaking out cause I can't reach him so I'm believing her. My family (my Aunt and cousins that are from my Dad's side) show up and are wanting to have dinner together out on the back patio of a house I don't recognize.  I tell my Aunt what my Step Mom said and she was concerned but didn't exactly believe me. I finally found my Step Mom and burst into this room which appeared to be in a trailer home but somehow I'd never left that other house (so the places in this dream were just as confusing as the content). I see my Dad looking thin and not in good health strapped to this table/counter thing with what looked like red seat belts. He was trying to sit up a bit ad yell at my Step Mom to let him go. To my  right is my Step Mom is there holding a phone and looking out of her mind. I pull out a gun (no idea where it came from) and aim it at her demanding she let my Dad go. She says something (I don't remember what it was) and I shot at her, several times she laughs because it doesn't fire. (You hear a thing that sounds more lick a lock tumbler tumbling when I pull it than a firing pin misfiring)I throw down the gun and yell then people rush in to grab her and this is where my memory gives out on the remainder of the dream. But I woke up very stressed out and confused. Any idea if this means anything or me just having bad dreams to to the solar flares?

Bill Walker
Bill Walker
2 months ago
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I think that you're just stressed out and having it show up in your dreams. I always pay attention to the dreams that are in color and the ones that follow a path that makes sense, which your dream just seems to jump around. The one constant is that it is your family throughout so I just wonder if there has been a lot of personal stress lately between the members of your immediate family? Of course you don't need to answer that question as it is totally your business alone.

Hope that helps. I guess wait and see if you have any more dreams that follow thee same pattern to decide what best fits current life experiences!

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