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2 years ago
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Well, I'm new here. Thanks for letting me join. I joined because I have a very close friend who is an empath and I'd like to learn more to be supportive to her and understand more about how an empath sees, feels and thinks of things. I figured joining a empath forum would be a good place to start.

Any tips on best way to get information from this forum?



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Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
2 years ago
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Welcome AJ.

I would start with Elise's Survival Tips on top of the Home page. There are lots of good videos on YouTube that are by and for empaths as well. You can read previous postings here or ask specific questions.

It is wonderful that you care so much about your friend...that is exactly the type of friends we empaths wish for, but rarely find. 

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
2 years ago
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@aj86 :

It looks like you are already asking good questions. Ask away.

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