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I am very new to the group & only a few years new to being aware of being an empath. I've known all my life I've been different, but I sought out an answer to why my mind works the way it does, and I stumbled on the term empath. I have joined different groups online to poll other empaths & try to understand what is going on & how everything is connected. Lately there have been freaky connections for me personally & strange energies hovering about. Take this for example:

I just recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. We were living with his parents for 2 years, trying to save up to buy a house. We were buying a house in a tiny town, pretty much rent-to-own, but the house was crap & he wanted way to much. So we backed out & moved in with them. 2 years later, we couldn't take it anymore, & rented a place close by. We quickly became friends with our downstairs neighbors. They began dating days before we moved in. I went to high school with both of them, & they had both been living in different states before moving here. Today they showed me pictures of the newly renovated house that they just bought together...MY OLD HOUSE!! The piece of crap we were trying to buy got a HUGE makeover. I'm happy for them. I know our place will come. But, dang, the Universe is weird.

If you're with me so far, I have one more question. Who has tinnitus when they clearly shouldn't? I think all the energy & the electricity is messing with our heads. I noticed a post on here about 5g & I think people suffering from tinnitus can blame that & every other gadget we use. It's a noisy world, & if any of you are like me, it's already noisy in your head, so the outside world can be blaringly loud!! Thoughts??

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
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Welcome to EC! I've had tinnitus for about 2-3 yrs. now and it is annoying for sure. There are some good videos by empaths on this subject at YouTube if you look.... Victor Oddo is one YT channel you might try... he's done videos on this. Also, if you are willing to go down dark rabbit holes, Tom Montalk has some info on a possible relationship between aliens, attempted mind control, and tinnitus on his website. I find that if I say "cancel, cancel" very strongly that usually stops it, but if not, pressing my ear shut and holding for a minute usually works. 

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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@melodymoore :

It seems that house wasn't meant for you. And maybe for reasons beyond what you'll understand today. Hopefully you're not too disappointed about it. Something else will come up for you when its time.

I have gone through periods where my ears would ring dozens of times a day. I have never had tinnitus. The ringing seemed to coincide with energy fluctuations. And was usually a good indication that I had a ghost nearby. On quite a few occasions I've heard someone say "I think I just saw a ghost over there" and then my ears would immediately ring. In addition to the ear ringing I also was able to hear whispers of voices in empty rooms. Some of them seemed in duscussion but as soon as I was a few steps into the room they went silent.

So what you may very likely have is clairaudience skills. And ghosts and spirits may be trying to tune in with you and it comes across as ringing. In theory you could work that skill and tune in better to the ringing frequency and eventually be able to decipher the message. 

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