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I stumbled across this group through Google and I hope to find some actual like-minded people here. I believe I have been an empath all my life, or at least since very young. It explains a lot about the way I've been my whole life. I'm not here looking to strengthen my "gifts", only to understand better. I have always been very attuned to how others are feeling and I can predict people's mood better than themselves. But, personally, I don't know how to interpret or show my own emotions.ย 

Lately, things have gotten worse. There is so much turmoil in the greater world. In my own world, people are becoming intolerable. No one says what they mean anymore. Everyone is fake & lying to themselves & everyone else to get ahead in the world. People are mean & petty & fake. There are some days that I don't want to leave my apartment & deal with anyone from outside, even people I get along with. I feel like I have to wear a mask & walk around in a bubble just so that "normal" people don't give that sideways wtf...

There are also many fake empaths out there. It's cool to be an empath right now. Here, I hope to find a group of truly like minded individuals.

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Problem isn't that there is so many fake empaths out there, the problem is that many people who are empathic believe that makes them an empath when it doesn't. I seen it happen many times. The biggest one that sticks out is my parents a couple years ago when I realized that I was an empath. once all the pieces clicked together I could automatically see who around me was an empath also. I realized that mine is half hereditary half trauma, the same as my children who are 18 and 21 and the same as my father. I had spent majority of my adult life fighting it and with that fighting half of who I am. I was going through a massive traumatic event and get therapy (my therapist is an empath I later found out when I accepted who I was) I was talking with my mom about this all and she informed me that out of her and dad she would be the empath, I had no idea what I was talking about, she went on an on about being an empath not realizing that each thing was about having empathy which is totally different. Talking with my dad he came from a time where men and emotions didn't go together, majority of his empathy abilities except intuition are buried, his intuition is laser sharp. As he got me to explain what it means for me to be an empath he would continue to tell me he could do that and that and that.. he identified with the majority of my abilities. However once the conversation was over he was back to telling me that it is all crazy talk... In his late 70's I wasn't going to argue but I also know in that moment I gave him enlightenment. Something changed in him and it was amazing to watch..
My Mom still will argue with me that she is the empath and I got to the point where it that what she wants to be then why fight, I just walk away to to something else when she brings it up.
Some thing you also discribe sounds like my son. He has Asperger's syndrome which makes it hard for him to understand social cues and people's behavior but being an empath he picks up on their feelings. He doesn't understand why people feel one way but totally in a different manner. I told him I don't understand either but it is human nature.. just be true to yourself and the rest doesn't matter.
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I have always been able to sense when people arenโ€™t being completely honest, not lying, more hiding how they really feel. It is akin to reading between the lines.

I have also had my fair share of knowing things I should not know about people.

Each person may have vastly different experiences. So my experience wonโ€™t be the same as others. Maybe similar.

I believe many people confuse empathy with being empathic. I guarantee not everyone takes on the emotion and pain of others, a gift that can be hard.

Trying to separate them and you. I am still learning what to recognize.
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
4 months ago
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Hi melody.moore,

ย  ย In the center of the top of the Home page here, you will find Elise's Empath Survival Tips. It can help you learn shielding and grounding to avoid absorbing too much of the negative energy out there. I agree it is bad and has gotten much worse recently. I dealt with it poorly for far too long before realizing I was different and learning what an empath is, and learning these techniques. I am mostly a hermit because of it...just can't take it anymore or play those games and over react to the B.S. I would hate to see you get to that point, and am glad you have found this site. Some do not believe shielding works and that learning to let the energy run through you without stopping is better. There are many empath training videos on You Tube that have helped me, so many that I would not know where to start with recommending one, and each of us will like different teachers, so it's best to explore to see what helps you most, imo. Good luck!

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
4 months ago
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@melodymoore :

Welcome. As @cheshire-cat said, I think you need some grounding. Being an empath is like having an antenna strapped to your head that draws in emotional energy. If you don't know how to control it and shield it, you're going to be overwhelmed with all the emotional energy around you. And as an empath you draw all that emotional energy in and it just accumulates. It's not necessarily that all the people around you are bad. But an empath is a bad energy magnet so to speak. Just you hanging around people you are going to pull out all their "stuff". Their insecurities, their fears, their anger, frustration, and jealousy etc...

The way it's supposed to work is we empaths are energy cleaners or exchangers. We take away their bad stuff and make them feel better. And due to this you may have noticed that when people come to you to vent and "dump their stuff", they walk away feeling a lot better. And you all of a sudden feel off, headachy, or even nauseous. That's the energy exchange. You just helped them out. They saunter off happy, and you are dazed and confused.

So what happens with empaths is that we get filled up with all the low energy we take in from people. We heal people by taking in their low energy, but we end up like a vacuum cleaner bag that gets full and needs to be emptied or it will explode. That's where grounding comes in. It's a process where you expel all that low energy that is pent up in you so that you can return to a balanced "you". And when you are balanced you will be a happy normal version of yourself. And you'll find it a lot easier being around people because you're not filled up with low energy, you're balanced. And on that note, some of us ground daily, others a couple times a week. It really depends on you and how often you are around people (and really emotional dramatic people are going to push more on to you).

As @cheshire-cat suggested, you'll definitely want to take a look at the below link to start learning how to control energies and ground yourself. Here's a link to get you started:

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