To Personify a Rose Bush

11 months ago
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Rose bush= you and lifelong relationships
Petals= people
Pistil=your personality or the part of you that grows and changes

I'm a rose bush and my personality is the Pistil, and some people in your life are the petals to the flower.
As my personality starts to change and grow for the better some petals fall off of the flower. That is some people in your life.
Now the rose bush is you and the people who are always connected to you that are meant to be in your life are also part of the rose bush, the roots,or the part that's meant to last forever.
They help you to grow a more beautiful personality once the petals fall off, and the pistil also withers away and dies , so that a new fresh flower can arise from the rose bush with a new pistil and new petals to help you to grow and shape you for your next new personality or YOU, where the petals will fall off and make room for a NEW you and new people in your life, and the cycle will happen over and over again to help you to grow until your life ends..
But the main people in the rose bush that are meant to be in your life forever, are the rose bush with you, and you will always stay connected. The ones that come into and out of you life and back again are the petals that fall off as the old you dies, and come back as a new petal on the flower with your brand new energy, personality and YOU, and then yet again you grow together. And the ones who are always meant to know each other will be a part of the rose bush, whether or not time or distance or fights separate them for a short while. Sometimes the people who are apart of the roots of the rose bush become petals on the flower who may fall off at a certain time, but they will always come back and you will always stay connected by the roots of the rose bush which are people who are life long soulmates
Oh, and God's the one who waters the rose bush to keep it growing, producing new positive results, and alive.
Everybody has their own rose bush and flowers that wither and die and bring forth growth and fresh new beautiful flowers.

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