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@gary-powell :

Thanks for sharing more of your interesting dreams. Dreams are very fascinating. I find that empaths generally have very vivid and creative dreams. I think some of these dreams can be lessons, glimpses into past lives or of the future. And a lot of the time, dreams are just dreams where your own mind is unwinding and problem solving.

I don't know how well you are in control of your dreams. For me, some dreams, particularly lucid dreams, I seem to at some level be controlling what happens and have some sort of self-awareness. Almost as if I am playing a video game and am in control of my character or avatar. I had someone once suggest that in that dream state to try to find a mirror to look at yourself. If you can do this you'll either see your reflection as the today you, or as someone else. And if you are seeing someone else as your own reflection, that's a decent tip off that your dream may be a rememberance of yourself in a past life.

Since you've been sharing so many of your dreams, I wanted to try to pull in @tigerlily to share some feedback. She has also had some very interesting dreams that have made for interesting conversation.

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@hop-daddy directed me to this post from another post where I had just mentioned last night that I'd had a dream years ago that I believe was a glimpse into a past-life. ( https://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/community/forum/dreams/48882/astral-projected-lucid-dreaming#r53164 ) In that dream, I looked into a mirror because I'd been hurt by someone and I wanted to assess the damage to my face. In the mirror, I saw a woman with long, straight, dark hair and features that suggested to me that I may have been Hispanic. When I looked into the mirror and saw "my" reflection, it was exactly the reflection I had expected to see. In real life, my features are very different from those in the dream (English/Welsh/Scottish heritage). After I woke up, I got up and looked into a mirror, and it actually took a while before my own reflection was familiar to me.

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