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@pinkrose, if you have Amazon prime there's an amazing film classified as documentary/special interest and it's called Reasons to Believe. It's very interesting because it even goes so far as to explain how beliefs affect our brains chemically. Some people view the world in a very black and white manner when i personally believe life is far more complicated and intense and multifaceted. Being an empath can be quite interesting sometimes! Sometimes it's overwhelming or draining and sometimes if we establish healthy boundaries it can be very positive. If you pick up on a negative energy coming from anything (music, people, places etc...) Always follow your immediate intuitive hit! If certain music makes you feel there's a dark undertone to it then that may be totally accurate. But when i read your post i was interested in what you said about a certain genre of music feeling as if someone's sold there soul to the devil. This is by no means meant to come across as me criticizing you because I promise that's absolutely not my intention. I'm just wondering if you really look at that in depth if there may be a reason beyond being an empath that may be influencing your reaction to 1 specific genre of music. There could possibly be a more personal reason for feeling it's dark. But what makes being an empath so intense is that you very well may be totally accurate in your perception of it. So there's a lot to consider sometimes I think. I hope my response isn't totally off topic :) on a side note I just wanted to clarify that noone would ever say they "joined" the Illuminati. You don't join it, you have to be recruited and it's something noone would ever speak of if they were truly associated with it. There's also no actual proof that it exists now. It was originally established as an offshoot of Catholicisum due to a group of people who were against a corrupt Pope at the time. Things do morph into other belief systems however there's also a scepticism and almost mythological aspect sometimes when people go so far as to speak of secret societies with a specific agenda such as New World Order. However, there is also some truth to secret societies existing in this modern day such as the Free Mason's. It's known that they truly are a real "society" however it would still be considered a "secret society" due to the fact that unless you are a Free Mason then you don't know what they truly do and know. That may sound wierd but I'm actually talking to someone as i write this and their description of it isn't the most detailed explanation but there's also reasons for that. Sorry it isn't a great explanation...does the illuminati exist still? It very well might however due to the extreme secrecy surrounding it it's kind of hard to definitely say that it does. But I promise you that if anyone EVER claims to be in it or associated with it in any way shape or form they're absolutely lying and actually being quite ignorent because it is not appreciated when someone claims to be associated with any group of people that they don't have anything to do with. So we are all left to form our own beliefs about things such as secret societies and everything else in life. So... how people form thier beliefs is actually quite interesting and that's why the documentary i mentioned is so fantastic (at least I think it is 😁). I really appreciate your post. It shows there's a lot to think about in life😁

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