An Important Message to All LightWorker's, Spiritual Beings and Earthangels

3 years ago
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I'm here to bring a message to all Lightworker's and Spiritual Beings, and Earthangels.

" The time has come for all Lightworker's, Spiritual Beings and Earth Angels to fulfill your purpose. The planet is in trouble and we need everyone on board to flood this planet with as much light energy that can be brought forth, and it needs to start today! It is time to raise the energy of the planet on a greater scale. You are here to bring forth the New Dawn and that new dawn is now. You are the keeper's of the light. Through the darkness you will march bringing forth light to every inhabitant upon this earth for you ARE the new dawn!!


The New Dawn are the keeper's of the light that flood this planet with light energy! You are the keeper's of the light! You are the the New Dawn and now is the time to bring forth the New Dawn! What that means that we need to go beyond what we have been doing. Whatever speciality or gift you have, it's time to use it on a greater scale! If you are a healer, send that healing energy throughout the planet! If you are a gatekeeper, it's time to open the doorways to every light spiritual place you know and activate the spiritual inhabitants to flood this planet with light. If you work with energy, raise the energy on a greater scale to promote peace and light. If you work with people, envision a cloud of light energy moving from one side of the globe to the other! Whether your just awakening or not, use your gifts. They will come naturally, use them! The New dawn doesn't come from awakening humans, You are the New Dawn that brings forth mass amounts of light energy that will awaken them!

Let's flood this planet with more light energy then they know what to do with! For the next 72 hours, I encourage everyone to take an hour a day to flood this planet with light energy! If your on other spiritual sites, copy and paste this. If we can get everyone on board we will create a flood of energy round the clock! Call upon every Angel, Ascended Master, and light being to join! Let other Lightworker's, Spiritual Beings and Earthangels know the time has come and to let mankind know the NEW DAWN IS HERE!

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