Soul recognition... or infatuation?

3 years ago
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There is an artist that I first discovered 10 years ago before he was famous. When I first saw him I experienced this very strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, but wrote it off to the fact that he was pretty good looking. After that, the few times I heard his music that same feeling would take over me like a black hole. Over the years I've not listened to his music, purchased an album, or seen him perform. Mostly because every time I hear his voice, whether he is singing or talking, I experience this ridiculous sadness, and a feeling of loss, longing and loneliness, even though I'm in a committed relationship and love my husband very much. Recently, he has been on the radio more often as his singles are getting more traction, and I have to turn the station when his songs come on. They make me feel like my relationship, which I'm usually quite content with, is missing some type of connection I can't quite put my finger on. He's gained weight and isn't as attractive to me anymore, but I still feel this catch in my heart, in my stomach, like I know him intimately.  Women fall all over him, which disgusts me by the way, so I can't decide if I'm just a reluctant fan girl, if we were somehow connected in a past life, or if I just pick up the feelings he expresses when he sings. When I was 10 I wanted to marry Justin Timberlake after all. How do I know if this is some grade school infatuation, or if I truly recognize him?

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