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If anyone else have been aware of synchronicities and patterns in their lives they can feel free to comment. For example, you leave home for a while and meet people similar to your parents or from your past because you never learned a lesson that you were supposed to learn. Maybe past lives do exist? I swear I have come a long way in getting away from places and people I do not belong with or should be around. One pattern from my past that never made sense: so much drama from other girls in school, church, work towards me and my sister. Maybe being a twin causes extra jealousy? honestly who the hell cares because I am not a petty person I just like getting to the dirt for final clarity.

One conclusion I have finally come to is that these people were genuinely gullible and not very perceptive. They believed lies and carried out the wishes on those who wanted revenge because I supposedly did something. Even in middle school: Someone would come up to me and say: "Don't F***K with me" as if I was trying to pull one over on her just because she was in a clique and she didn't want to believe that her friends were lying to her about me. I do understand that the jealousy in girls can be disgustingly viscious and they will lie about someone's jealousy to get what they want. I was never a liar and it really pissed me off that people thought I was just like them. NO that is what they wanted. They wanted me to be passive but were so manipulative that they would try and make fun of who I am so that I would become who they were trying to make fun of. I admit, I am a cat, but not one that belongs in handcuffs from incredible lies and visciousness, and I have fought back many times. They can dish it out but can't take it.

Another synchronicitiy: Movies and be great reflections of issues that might be going on in their lives: I was watching "Now you see me 2" the other day. In it, a person that was wronged from the 1st Now You See Me was wronged 18 months ago, and got in contact with the other person 18 months later. I know that something like this will pop up in my life this month. The reason Morgan Freeman was so wronged was not because the other guy just wanted to get back at him for the petty reason he said. He genuinely thought something much more serious about him and did not tell him the real reason. Why did he not tell him the real reason? Because he thought so bad of him he didn't need to tell him. He believed he had on over him and he was a liar anyway. Situations like that are so disgusting. If he had bothered to confront morgan freeman, he would have found out that he didn't kill his father when he was little. If people would just confront people are the real reasons they are being so nasty a lot would be resolved. Maybe I am just to smart for a lot of people b/c there was always too much BULLSHIT going around. I already know the kind of jobs I belong with anyway, and my dreams act like such great guides for my true purpose.

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