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I am currently reading a book called "Your Soul's Plan" by Robert Schwartz. It is a group of case studies. Each starts with an interview of the subject, then readings/channelings by three different mediums.

It was suggested in the introduction that the book be read in order, but I skipped ahead to one of the case studies that resonated with me. It is a woman whose son passed from an overdose (my son did) and she also lost her fianc in an accident. One of the mediums was channelingthe woman'sactualsoul (that used the pronoun "we" whentalking about itself) and referred to the woman as "the personality". This kind of creeped me out because it seemed so impersonal and separate. The soul said that the woman was experiencing these losses in her life because she hadn't handled loss well in a past life. Alsolong, long ago she had been a warrior and killed people without a thought. She had to experience loss to know what the families were feeling.

Many of the reviews of this book called it "life-changing" and "uplifting", but frankly, I feel like crap after reading part of it. I am now worried that I am not handling my losses well and will have to endure this yet again. I know this is only one book, but I am careful with what I read because everything affects me so much as you can see. I am still trying to make sense out of my life...and know what I am supposed to be doing differently (if anything).

I understand the concept of a contract/soul plan. I guess what bothers me the most is the channeled soul saying things like "We are pleased with the way the personality has handled this" and things of a similar nature.

Your thoughts, please.

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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
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Maybe reading this book will be enough information for you to come to terms with these kinds of feelings so you won't have to live another lifetime just for that purpose. I have a feeling that as humans continue on their spiritual journey their understanding of spiritual nature will speed up just like man kinds ability to create new technology has exploded over the past 100 years or so, we'll see?

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