Can past lives be revealed in dreams or while writing poetry?

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I was wondering if your past lives can be revealed during a dream or while writing poetry. What I've read seems tosuggest that you have to have multiple dreams? And I've not seen anything about revealing a past life while writing. Both of these happened years ago, but have just really stuck with me.

In the dream, I was a man in a suit, a very itchy one and kinda hot (for me now, not then) and I was holding my hat in my hand. I was in a hallway in a line with many other men in the white house waiting to meet the President. I think it was the 1920's, 30's or 40's. I kept thinking to myself that I didn't really deserve to meet the President and I was just so humble. (I wasn't famous or anything, just meeting the president.

I don't remember why I wanted to write the poem. I wrote poetry all the time then. But I just started writing about an Indian Woman who was killed by military men out west in the 1800's. Maybe 1880's? And I saw it and felt it. I can still see myself, scraping a skin with a rock and these men riding up on horses and starting to kill people and everyone screaming and one shoots me in the stomach and I fall over on the ground, my face was sideways, my cheeks flat on the groundand Ican just see the horses feet of the ones that are close. But the dust covered everything and the horses feet, the men and all the people were all the same color. They killed us because we were a different color, but with the dust we were the same. This sticks with me. Could it be that it was a past life? I've read that you can pick up on other people's past lives? If both were past lives, then the man had to be born immediately after the woman's death and I would have had to be born (1967) within 20 years of the man's death. That seems awfully close.

Ok, that's it, just wondered if this could be past lives?

Peace and light


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Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
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Hi 4peace,

Yes, you can dream of past lives. I have done it many times. The other one also sounds like your past life as well. Feeling what was going on and smelling things, all as if you are there is a big clue, plus your detailed memory of the dreams. They are not like regular dreams. You will remember all that detail 40 years from now.

How could you be two people at once? Because we are at the center of ourselves and we send out fragments of our whole entity to experience various things in different places and times. All time is happening at once ,and all lives are happening at once. Time is an illusion of this plane of existence, as is space, so you could have been both of those people.

For example, I had a fragment of my total entity who died in the 9/11 attacks. Before she died, I dreamt about her life all the time, seeing it from her eyes. if you want to read more about this concept. I would highly recommend the books "Seth Speaks" and "Seth On The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts.

Cheshire Cat

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If you wrote poetry all the time as you state, it must have come easily to you. You could have gone into what is referred to as automatic writing.


As for the timing of other lives, this gets very very complicated. We perceive time as linear. When other lives are first revealed to us or we become aware of them, the very first instinct is to try to figure out how this fits into a linear timeline. Well, it doesn't. What got me through this hurdle was to learn about split incarnation. This past, present and future thing is only one way of perceiving what is around us.

As for "other people's" past lives that become know to me: this usually happens to me if I have also encountered that soul in another life setting. Interestingly, no matter how nice a person pretends to be in this life, if I had a distrust for them in another life, I continue to pick that up in this life. I notice these folks to be very guarded, and I now realize why this is so. They give me the same feeling as when I encountered them in another life.

It is late, and I am not sure that I explained this very well. Hope it makes some sense.

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Yes, I totally agree with all the comments! I've done many past life readings, and the #1 comment I get is that they've had a dream about the same thing before. All the past life memories are stored in your subconscious, and they are much easier to access than people think. So, I could easily see how the info might come out in writing. Actually, I do remember someone else on this site saying they had written a short story in school, and they thought it might be a past life.

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