Ego Traps For Lightworkers

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An interesting article I found today:

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Thanks for posting this article, chrisis. Questioning my motivations can cause quite a few personal 'ouches.'

One of the first things I learned from reading Boris Mouravieff's, "Gnosis," [and I still have much reading to finish] was that the one thing that is absolutely imperative in doing the work, is that man has to stop lying to himself, no exceptions. He stated that many lies we tell ourselves begin with, "Yes, but...."

To me, this is when we use the "Yes, but...," to justify egocentric behavior and/or thinking.


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Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
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@chrisis :

Thanks for the article. I think this is something more people on this site should read as a way to advance themselves. A couple thoughts:

*Ego is part of being human. At times ego is a great flaw that causes immense damage to one's self and others (wars, the life and times of Hitler to name a couple). But at other times ego pushes humans to do what others thought impossible. As an example, Lebron James or Michael Jordan have shown God-like abilities in the NBA. And without their egos, they never could have gotten there. I would say the same for a lot of other very famouse doctors, scientists etc...

*I do think that being able to let go of one's ego is an important step forward spiritually. It's a big picture move where you're no longer concerned about yourself and are instead concerned about the greater good and success of humanity. I think those that can do let go of ego and speak from the heart are especially enlightened and are the ones that we should all be listening to.

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