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The following informationis from a newsletter sent to me by Jill Harrison who has a site entitled

Angel Guided Meditations & Archangel Therapy

You can click on the above link to visit the site.

You may find that you have traits in more than one of the lists and this is OK as many empathic traits flow into and complimentone another. I hope that you enjoy this article.

If you want to develop your ability to communicate with spirit it is very important that you understand which spiritual skill you are strongest in.

Many people make the mistake of trying to see spirit and become very despondent when they can't see. But have you ever realised that if your biggest skill is being able to sense spirit, and you're focusing upon trying to see spirit, then you will be missing all the messages from your guides and angels?

If you're not sure of what your spiritual strengths are, take a look at the list that follows and try to identify which is your strongest, and which is your weakest areas.

We all have within us spiritual strengths. By understanding our spiritual strengths we're able to connect to our spirit guides and angels more effectively.

No one spiritual strength is better than any other. Once you're able to identify your spiritual strengths, you will be able to look to developing that strength, to enable you to progress along your spiritual pathway.

Clairvoyance - Someone who possesses clairvoyance as their main spiritual strength, is a visual person. They learn best by being visually stimulated rather than through hearing or touch. They have the unique ability to view life from another person's point of view. Clairvoyants tend to be optimistic people who have the ability to see outside the box, for creative answers.

Clairaudience - Someone who possess clairaudience as their main spiritual strength will find their inspiration through thoughts and ideas in their head. Those with clairaudient abilities are born leaders, and have a tendency to want to forge ahead. At times they can appear aggressive, but this is because they have a thirst for knowledge and crave achievement.

Clairsentient/Healing - Those with healing as their main spiritual strength will be sensitive to others feelings. They have a tendency to want to heal situations, or make a difference. They are great at understanding how a person feels and tend to work in areas that are service orientated.

Prophecy - Those with prophecy as their main spiritual strength tend to be orchestrator's; able to handle a wide range of tasks at any one time and also good at promoting and inspiring others into action.

Which is your strongest gift?


  • Has inner hunches or knowing about the future.
  • Often sees things others can't.
  • Has the ability to see outside the box.
  • Accomplished in their chosen profession.
  • Has a creative eye.
  • With training, can channel spirit.
  • Tends to be artistic and philosophical.
  • Likes to be involved with others and is inquisitive.
  • Enthusiastic about new projects.
  • Has empathy for all things.
  • Has strong morals.
  • Good at taking charge.
  • Multi-talented.
  • May use dreams to prophesy future events.
  • Has strong intuition.
  • Quick to learn and understand things.
  • Can be flamboyant and dramatic.


  • Very visual person; thinks in pictures.
  • Positive person who likes beauty and harmony.
  • Tends to see things from all angles.
  • Good at seeing people for what they really are.
  • Has empathy and compassion for others.
  • Likes to help people fulfil their potential.
  • Good at organising things.
  • Is able to lead people to success.
  • Has a thirst for knowlegde.
  • May see colours or aura's around people.
  • Intelligent, quick off the mark.
  • Can see between the lines.
  • Wants to be noticed and make a difference.


  • Listens to the thoughts and inspirations inside the head.
  • Likes to be in charge.
  • Likes things short and sweet.
  • Good at helping others with spiritual growth.
  • Overcomes obstacles through persistance.
  • Respects themselves and others.
  • Calls a spade a spade.
  • Empathic towards others feelings.
  • Quick to make decisions.
  • Doesn't like to be told what to do.
  • Likes things short and to the point.
  • Very strong when challanged.
  • Good at influencing others.
  • Change agent, doesn't like to stick to the status quo.


  • Also known as a healer.
  • Intuitively knows how others are feeling.
  • Serene and unassuming.
  • Able to tell when someone is upset.
  • Likes to touch people to make a connection.
  • Good at making others feel better.
  • Will be sociable and have many acquaintances.
  • Has a very caring considerate attitude.
  • Tends to be drawn to humanitarian themes.
  • Happiest when working with their hands.
  • Always tries to have deep meaningful relationships.
  • Deeply intellectual.
  • Puts others before themselves.
  • Generous to a fault.
  • Finds abundance in simple things

Throw some love into the wind.


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1108_discussions.jpg 1109_discussions.jpg 1110_discussions.jpg 1111_discussions.jpg?width=721 1112_discussions.jpg 1113_discussions.jpg 1114_discussions.jpg Hi Ekkostar

You are very much in synch with the higher realms and a very advanced spirit in material form. You don't need to prioritize any of these abilities in any one form. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article many of us share, to one degree or another, aspects of all of these abilities; some stronger than others. We all have different senses and you don't prioritize hearing over touchor smelling over sight. It is a blend of abilities that enable us to function, each adding to the whole. So it is with having enhanced abilities, abilities that are currently being reintroduced to the human species. There is a lot of new energy flowing into this world at this time and we are all getting upgrades. A lot of people are now joining the Awakening and the elevation of our frequency and energywill include more people being able to have access to these gifts. I recently read an article where it stated that the first color that people could see was red which was followed later by yellow and green and lastly blue. The evidence was in the literature and stories told by authors down through the years. So it is with this awakening of our new abilities. It is part of our evolution into a higher vibrational frequency of our world. This is also mentioned in the Dolores Cannon book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth", as well as the 13th book in the Kryon series"The Recalibration of Humanity 2013 and Beyond " by Lee Carroll.

I would be cautious about who you shouldshareyour story with concerning what you can FEEL.Sometimes family and friends won't understand and people generally fear what is outside of their ability to comprehend. Many here at the EC mention this upon occasion. Practising meditation on a daily basis is helpful to calming the mind and focusing your spirit. I find that talking to my angels helps me to stay calm and in synch with the higher realms. You, like many of us, feel outside of "normal" society and never will be "normal". We are not here to be part of this world, we are here to help create a new one based on elevated levels of Light, Life and Love.

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