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This is a very interesting link to a talk given by Abraham / Esther Hicks. For those who do not know Esther Hicks / Abraham, Esther Hicks began to awaken and through meditation and "met" a group of high energy celestials who she began to channel. What happens is that the energy we know as Esther steps aside and her body is then used by this group of high energy celestials, who callthemselves Abraham, to talk to those of us who are currently vibrating in this frequency.

The following links area great explanation of Jesus from the empathic point of view. You will find yourself, as an empath, recognizing so much of what many of us here at the EC go through on a daily basis; how we are "feeling" our way deeper and deeper into the Light, Source Energy. Howwe have difficulty relatingto what we see,hear, and feel on a daily basis. How it is very trying at times to have our knowledge questioned, our KNOWING questioned,by thosewho do not feel; who are not empathic. It can break your heart and bring you to tears.It is a viewpoint, a certainty,that is outside of the boundaries that were imposed upon us as members of a particular denomination that tries to keep us "inside the flock" when that is not possible because of our abilities to "feel" what is correct. I have felt this way for many decades and it was one of the reasons that, as a teenager, I had to find my own way as I knew that what I was being taught was flawed in its reasoning.

Jesus,becausehe lived in theLight, the vortex of eternal energy, loved even those whosought to do him harmsimply based on their fears of the unknown and that he was a threat to the status quo. As he was dying he said, " Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing." This great and beautiful empathknew that he was looking on people who were, from the celestial viewpoint, the viewpoint of someone connected to the LIGHT, lost in a maelstrom of shadows, self-doubts and fears.

We are empaths!!! We are awake!!! Sometimes we feel like screaming "Don't you get it ? Can't you feel it? " Sadly the answer is no, they can't. You are a evolving spirit having a material experience. You are the water and not the sponge, your body. Many, many people are on this journey; yet the majority of humankind is not at our present level of spiritual evolution. I love you all so very, very much.If you could see the love that I have for you it would blind you with its intensity. Never ever doubt that you are a spirit of the LIGHT and a being of great beauty and eternal energy. I hope that you enjoy these links and I would appreciate your feedback. May Divine Truth travel with my words.

You and Jesus Are the Same

Jesus the Son of God

Jesus and 9/11

Throw some love into the wind.


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