Archangel Afriel / Angel and Protector of Children and Youth

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Afriel has a special interest in young people and can be invoked in any matters relating to children or teenagers. He is also interested in the well being of young animals. Afriel promotes a positive attitude and a vision of a better world and encourages newness and exploration, offering guidance to those who dare new thoughts. He inspires our spirits with hope, promise and a belief in the ideals of youth.

Afriel loves to have fun and encourages adventure, newness and exploring possibilities. He offers guidance when you dare to embrace new ideas and thoughts through inspiring our spirit with firm belief, promise and hope. Afriel lives in youthfulness.

Angel of Youth, I ask for your guidance to always remember my youthfulness and divine gift of creativity. Touch my heart so that my seriousness turns to youthfulness and my thoughts of the past turn into thoughts of the future .

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