6 Signs That You Have Found Your Life Path

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The following topic isby Anna LeMind from the Learning Mind web site. I thought that this would help those of us who have made the choice to free ourselves from others who no longer share our frequency and who we've had to leave behind as we shed old energies that no longer serve us as we advance into the higher 5D reality that is now flowing into our lives as empaths and Lightworkers. Much of what is written below has happened to me and it is a very liberating experience to break away from all that no longer serves me as a Lightworker.

Its sad that most people never find the right path and end up spending their life surrounded by wrong people and doing things they dont enjoy. In todays society, its particularly easy to get confused as to what we want in life since we are constantly told by the mass media and mainstream culture what we should be like, what we should do and how we should look. Still, there are individuals who dont conform to what the majority wants and listen to the voice of their own soul.

Are you one of those people? To help you find out, here are some signs that indicate you have found your path in life.

1. You make a living doing what you love

One of the most obvious signs that someone has found their path in life is working for a higher purpose than just making an income . Whatever it is your own business, a creative career of an independent artist or a normal job the point is that it brings you joy and gives you a feeling of fulfilment , as well as helps you with your personal development. You may be doing it to make the world a better place or help others, but the only thing is clear your motives go far beyond just working for a salary to pay the bills. Your work is a vital part of your souls calling and is a means to serve your life purpose.

2. You strive for value-based goals and appreciate the things that matter

A true life purpose is never focused on material and ephemeral things. Thus, if you have found your path in life, your goals will probably be value-based. Everyone comes to this world to fulfil a different mission. For some, it may be devoting themselves to their family and raising kids. Someone may be a talented artist who wants to inspire and encourage people with their artwork. Whatever you are born for, its focused on the eternal human values. Modern society needs such individuals more than ever since todays people are constantly losing the connection with their souls and forget about the things that matter for the sake of material gain and superficial aspirations.

3. You feel like everything is in its place and are content with your life

You feel like everything that has ever happened to you happened for a reason and helped bring you where you are today. Even your past disappointments and failures are now making sense. Failed relationships, behaviors you may now be ashamed of, jobs you hated everything contributed to making you a person you are today . You deeply realize that and feel grateful that things happened the way they did because everything is in its place now.

Even if you are not content with every single aspect of your life, you have a general feeling of fulfilment and can say that you are a happy and evolved person .

4. You are in a healthy relationship or are happy alone

A person who has found their path in life knows exactly what he or she wants. Thats why you wont spend your time being in an abusive or unhappy relationship. You prefer to be alone rather than with a wrong person . If you are in a relationship, then you are quite sure that youve found your soulmate and that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. You complement each other and your relationship is a deep connection based on similar values and life goals.

5. You have cut people out of your life

One day, you realized that some people you believed were your friends dont really give a shit about you. Everyone has this kind of people in their life who seem to be very friendly and supportive till the moment you are in trouble and need their help. This is when you suddenly see that these alleged friends dont deserve to be a part of your life .

You may also come to the same conclusion about some people simply because you dont vibe with them. You no longer see the point in hanging out with them because it feels more like a social obligation than a sincere desire for communication. Now you want to surround yourself with likeminded individuals you resonate with and let into your life only those who have a genuine interest in you and share the same values with you.

6. You have realized that other peoples opinions mean nothing

Being social creatures, we often fall into a trap of following what others expect from us and thus tend to give importance to their opinions about us and our life. Though, when you find your path in life, you realize how insignificant they actually are and how silly it is to care about what other people think. Now you know that this is your life and you are the only one who is to decide what is better for you. Similarly, you no longer feel the need to impress people and try to prove you are better, smarter and more successful than they are.

I want you to know that if you have, or are, experiencing any of the above you are NOT crazy and are AWAKE. This will scare the heck out of those who are still asleep as they live in a fear based 3D frequency. Take this as a sure sign that you are definitely, 100%, on the right path. Always remember that you are NOT alone in this journey and are surrounded by those in the spiritual realm ( who you feel more closer to as you ascend ) and that we at the EC will always be here for you to chat with. Know that you are loved.

Throw some love into the wind.

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Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
4 years ago
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Hi Bing,

Thanks for posting these reminders. I can't hear this enough.

I especially have trouble with #4 on the list of 7 signs you posted, and with #5 on the list you typed.

Re: #4 on the copied list: Things outside of my home, which is surrounded in landscaping with birds and flowers to enjoy do not seem real at all now. The ugly buildings, all the concrete, the busy traffic, the signs, the noises. Ugh. I go out there only when I must now, and I think, what the heck is all this crap? I feel it is totally unreal, as if I could punch my fist through it and would find it is just a poster. All I can think of is that I want to go home and this place is not home! I'm sure if I told this to a doctor, I'd be committed.

Re: #5 on your list: This has been SO painful for me. My best friend of 54 years had to go. She was the closest thing I had to a family member. I had to divorce my husband's family and distance most other friends and put them on a very casual basis. I can no longer tolerate those who embrace moral relativity as an excuse to do anything they want, no matter who it hurts, and who believe their own minds to be the only God. These are legion. The loneliness is killing, but when I am around most people, I can't wait to get away from them. The trivial discussions, the self-made, non-stop dramas, their belief in the reality of political "sides", and so on, make me feel even lonelier than when I am alone.

This is the hardest thing I've ever gone through, and I've had a pretty tough life, so reminders that there is a destination to make it worth it are always welcome. I do have to admit that I doubt that though, as I am now doubting everything and am floating free, another stage to go through in this process......

Bless you,

Cheshire Cat

Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
4 years ago
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Thank you for this Bing. I'm throwing love and blessings upwind from you! <3

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