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Hi all,

My best girl friend was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.  She has a huge hole in her heart, which the doctors tell her is too big to be closed via surgery.  No worries, because here I am and she has given me consent to help her in any manner that I can.  I am going to be sending healing energy to Kimberly, who currently resides in East Texas, every day at 7pm central time and would like for all available to help me do this for her.  If you can do it every day, or just once, I'd be very grateful and owe you guys BIG time.  

I recently placed my hands over her heart and saw a face with big teeth and a huge hole right in the middle of the teeth.  This is the way my gift works.  I place my hands on people and can see their emotional and physical ailments.  Depending on how the teeth appear, is how I understand how bad the situation for the patient is.  I am going to imagine sending green heart healing energy that closes the heart hole/repairs the teeth.

I have attached a couple of pics for you to use, if it makes it easier for everyone to picture her when sending energies her way.  

kim.jpg           kim2.jpg

You guys are great and I thank you with every fiber of my being!!!

love n light....Monika

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i just saw this post. of course i will assist also! love and light all around her and at 7pm central.

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