Does this ever happen to Anyone?

Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
7 years ago
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has anyone had this happen to them?

I try to make a connect & begin a Mediumship Reading, Picture Reading, etc. only to find out that as soon as I begin making a comment or 2 another person chimes in giving his or her very own reading.

So I nicely write that I am exiting the Reading to let the other person continue with his/her reading information, etc.

Then I receive a NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE I CAN COME BACK LATER, but he/she continues his/her thoughts, information that she/he has been given, etc. when I get back into the reading discussion.

Even to the extent of writing "If so & so can't take the information you are giving, I sure can, it makes complete sense to me, blah, blah, blah.

In these groups it is in the rules that once a reading has been started no one is to interrupt the reading because it's rude & can mess with the Reading, connection, etc.

If anyone has a comment he/she is supposed to write it down and keep it until the reading is finished and then post it.

These people have been in these Groups long enough that I know they know the Rules & Guidelines yet I keep getting the same people doing this over & over.

It's as if they need my Reading/Energy to be able to give a Reading & that they are hoping that the Reading is secretly & ultimately for them & not the person I am Reading.

Thanks to anyone who has made it this far in reading this question/post/vent, etc.

Have a great day,


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