Distant healing for Dementia

4 years ago
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Heya, anyone else have experience with giving healing to somone with demetia? Just been to see my dad, who is becomeing progressively forgetful. Gave him Reiki 3times in 3days. Seemed to ckear much out, and the third time it felt like some restructuring light came in (but Let's not get our hopes up yet). Comparing in situ one on one healing to sending him distant healing, there is quite a difference. Especially sending healing today was quite severe. It is as if i cannot concentrate. My visualization is warped, I loose feeling of mine or his body confines. Its very much like being on drugs, but not pleasurable at all. My Hara all over the place, and felt very disorientated after the session. Took some food, TV and rest, and my energies feel more contained and normal again. It felt like i had been atracked by chaos energies, like falling into an energy vortex, without hold of the self..... But on the upside, if the energies are fighting back that much, we might be shifting more and more cruicial stuff??? During past diatant healings for him it was often hard to concentrate properly too. Id start thinking about all the other things in my life that need healing, etc, fall asleep, or else..... Thanks for listening. If someone else has experience with healing work for Dementia, I'd be very interested to know what your experiences are.
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