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I have been searching for a request forum, but must have overlooked it or something? I recently injured myself and while my own attempts to heal were going great, I've re-injured the same area twice now. I don't take conventional meds and I gotta say, I continue to be in quite a bit of pain.

2 weeks ago, I slept with my window open because I love the sound of the water flowing in the pool. I was awakened at 4am in the morning, by children playing in the pool at my apartment complex. I was a tad annoyed at wakening, despite I love the sound of children playing. A small child drowned here a couple of years, and they had a hard time reviving her. This came to mind, so I jumped out of bed and went downstairs to ensure a grown up was actually looking out for them. (I live in a townhouse apt and the pool is literally located out my front door)

Anywho, once I discovered they were supervised, I did mention it was 4 am and if they awakened me, they might awaken others trying to rest at that hour. Then I turned to come back down the steep and kinda short cement steps, but lost my footing. There is a thin square iron rail that did manage to keep me from falling face first into a holly type of bush, however, I fell directly on my lower left rib cage. Who knew ribs were flexible? hmmmmm Weirdest feeling ever, by the

I was doing great, the bruise disappeared within 3 days, but it's as if something keeps coming up and I have continuously injured this area in the past two weeks. Normally, I wouldn't ask, but I could use some distance healing for myself, please. Anyone who can or would send a little healing and maybe some protective energy for this wound, would be GREATLY appreciated. I seem to have some kinda block with this and haven't figured out what's going on just yet, so yes, I could use some help, please.

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I couldn't find a healing request forum. Please move the thread or contact me if I violated a rule concerning requests of this nature.

Thank you!

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