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This was moved from the main forum and discussion alternate ways for healing. Originally posted by "S".

Let me preface this by saying that I, personally, believe there is a perpetual balance in all things, and I do my best to respect other and opposite points of view.

But for as large as this community is, I'm surprised there is not more discussion about this topic. I've lurked around this community a bit and have found astonishingly little information pertaining to those of us who predominantly use darkness in our everyday lives.

In my experience, darkness, much like light, flows through all things, but I feel that here, along with many other psychically related communities, dark energies are typically looked upon with some sort of 'evil' connotations. I don't mean to stir up any ill-will or point any fingers, I would merely like to assert that this is not entirely the case.

For example, a fairly common trait of empaths is an affinity for healing. As I understand it, many healers use/meditate on the light and are able to 'cleanse' ailments/injuries through some form of... divine purification(?) Conversely, dark energies can be used in a similar way, to a lesser degree. A thing to bear in mind is that the body (and everything else) works on cyclical principles.

I do not believe that through the process of healing one is 'magically' fixed, so much as, in the case of those who use the light, you are stimulating the human body's natural healing process by encouraging the affected areas to repair themselves, albeit at an accelerated rate.

Using dark energy for healing purposes, is similar in method, but a different approach. Instead of encouraging the body's living components to fight the ailing areas, dark energy can be used to directly attack/destroy the affected locations, lessening the strain the body has to go through to to heal itself naturally. Cellular destruction is as much a part of the healing process as repairing and replacing damaged/destroyed cells.

For a mental/visual representation of the nonsense I'm spouting, I'll use a comparison of coins (US). Lay a nickel on top of a quarter. The quarter is your 'base' area, or general living tissue using normal energy to attempt to repair the damaged area, while the nickel is the damaged area. Using light energy would be akin to increasing the quarter to the size of a half dollar, increasing the amount of energy put into reducing and ridding the body of its 'problem' area, whereas the same process with dark energy doesn't affect the 'quarter' at all, but reduces the nickel to the size of a dime and lets the quarter do its thing.

Going back to why I initially started writing this, dark energy is not an 'evil' thing, although it mostly catches a bad rap. It's almost saddening how little I see on this subject that doesn't pertain to evil, dark spirits or vamps feeding on people.

I understand that most of you use light and positive energies on a daily basis and your lives are enriched by it, but, in my opinion, closing your mind to half of the spectrum is not only ignorant, it's reckless and potentially dangerous.

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