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2 years ago
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Hello, hope whoever is reading this is having a good day.

Last week, I met someone in real life that I have known online for quite some time now. I have known that he and I have been tied together for a mistake that I made in my first, if not one of my early lives as a human. Upon meeting him, I knew that the majority of things I had thought were true. And I realized that I was also in love with him. Something which I had known before, but thought I had worked through.

I guess I'm looking for a reading because I'm confused as to where things should go. I sincerely want to keep holding onto the hope that he and I can be happy in this lifetime, as I think it may be one of our last ones together. Is this something that is optimal for my soul, and my soul's purpose in this lifetime?

If anyone is able to pick up on that, or anything else regarding the situation between me and him, that would be greatly appreciated. 

If anyone needs pictures of either of us, lemme know, I can message some.

Thank you very much. 

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