Just Joined! 😊

one month ago
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Just want to say a big hello to everyone. I'm so glad I found you! I look forward to sharing discussions and learning so much. This is all new territory to me, as I have only just discovered (by accident) that what I am and have been like from a very young age, is actually an Empath.  (I feel almost relieved ). I am so 'lifted' to have found a community who know and understand exactly what being an empath is all about. 🤗
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one month ago
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Welcome Home!

Elise Lebeau, Ph.D. Professional Intuitive

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Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
one month ago
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Welcome @emma11 !

3 weeks ago
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Welcome, @emma11! I'm pretty new here myself and learning a lot!
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
3 weeks ago
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Hi Emma11,

Glad to have you here at EC!  You may want to start with Elise's Empath Survival program on the top of the Home page. It has lots of good tips. :-)

Matthew Hyder
Matthew Hyder
one week ago
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I'm new here too.

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