Do you get what you need out of meditation?

4 months ago
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I just curious to know what everyone's stance on meditation is.

Do you feel like it is useful?

If it is no what are your struggles?

If it is what do you do that you find useful?

4 months ago
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i ve been meditationg on and off for the last 2 years...i had my first experience maybe 5 years ago but took it more seriously in the last 2 years..

i feel its a amazing source and practical tecnique to organize feeling and thoughts.. throught the process of meditation and it can make you a learn a lot a about yourself and  more than a conscient way...i feel unity and control of my mind with not so much conflict, the way i feel normally..

For me its a different perspective, if one takes it seriously it can widen and widen till you have some good meditative stabilitty of focus and thought process.. (just being ultra rational here)

Good question!

Muse Jewl
Muse Jewl
one month ago
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I have been meditating on and off for around 20 years and I have never ever been comfortable meditating but.....when I create collage I have clarity, there is no thought...only me in the present moment in the act of cutting, gluing and placement of paper and that fills me with satisfaction and calm.  Being an artist, I find I receive more guidance, ideas, inspirations and solutions through what I call 'focused daydreaming'.  This is where I focus on a question that I have or an artwork that I want ideas for and even readings that I do.  I think that focused daydreaming is particularly helpful for artists, designers and creative people.  That night time when I lay down to go to sleep, I do a relaxation/visualisation from toes upwards ....usually when I get to my solar plexus, I am fast asleep or nodding off. :)

If I get overwhelmed, I usually close my eyes and focus on the soles of my feet and breathe.  This is a mini meditation that I find very grounding.  I do the same thing when I do colour readings or start an intuitive drawing.  I have also learned to listen energetically and that is part of my empath skill set.

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