Spirit animal

2 years ago
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Do you know yours and how did you know?

Is it really an animal we are attracted to most?  

I'd like to know for sure.  I love basically all animals and have a few favs, hard for me to figure out.  But if you can't guess from my screen name, that is my favorite lol.  

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2 years ago
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I have been told that I need to find mine. Only everyone has said it comes from meditation and it is not something I can do. I have a monkey's mind. One of the hardest minds to train for meditation.
I would love to figure out what mine is, if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.
2 years ago
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Your spirit animal can change. They come to you with lessons or warnings. This could also pertain to insects, reptiles, birds and plants. Each has their own "medicine" for you to work with.

When they come to me in life or dreams, I look for the message in the mythology that surrounds
that particular species.


I was abandoned by wolves and raised by my parents.

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