I KNOW my purpose ☺️

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Fellow empaths thank you for all of your supportive and insightful feed back.

I am so excited! I KNOW my purpose! Things are beginning to connect now.

Recently, I posted about experiencing encounters with spirit energy from other time periods and trying to process the experience. I took your advice; some things resonated. The spark that lit my fire was a project that I volunteered to assist in. The town  where I have had my encounters with spirit energies is hosting a fund raiser to restore a recently declared Historical Landmark. The Landmark is a log cabin Freedom School in the rural south.

I was asked by the host to serve as a walking tour guide. I would explain to participants how one school launched the beginning of integration in a rural community in south during the summer of 1965 and the different ways little log cabin Freedom School supported the community. 

Sitting on the steps of my mom’s porch where I had one of my “encounter,” I was overwhelmed with emotion! It hit me! The most recent “encounters” all felt like the (people from other time periods) just wanted to be acknowledged. A few tears began to weld. Not sure if it was from connecting to their struggles in their time period, guilt for struggling for so long to connect the dots or both. But at that moment-it all made perfect sense. My purpose is to share their experiences during Earthly existence. I feel “Make their voices heard.”


1. I am a teacher asked to speak about a segregated school.

2. A blessed empath who FEELS TO THE CORE! The BLESSING to impart information emoathically. 

soooo many more...will stop here. Thank you for this platform to share, learn and grow. 

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This is really awesome! So happy for you :) xxx
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How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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