Possible Dream of an Alternate Reality?

2 years ago
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Hi all, hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm new here, so still working on familiarizing myself with the groups.

Over a month ago, I started having odd recurring dreams, about visiting my dad in the hospital (he is alive and well) where he was all bandaged up and looked to be in bad shape. Every night would be a progression of the dream - visiting him, talking to doctors, etc - but there was never any sound, so I had no idea what was going on. It occurred to me at some point that my mom was dead in these dreams (she is also alive and well), and I would wake up feeling sad and empty.

Fast forward to several weeks ago when I found put from my mom that she and my dad had almost died on their road trip that coincided with the time of these dreams. A truck had raced up behind them at 70mph in stopped traffic, leaving two possibilities: killing both my parents by slamming into the back of their car, or quickly moving to the clear right side and only injuring my dad, but killing my mom. The truck swerved to the left, opting to hit other vehicles instead. My mom didn't even hear the crash, she said she thought she had died and at the time she was speaking to me, still wasn't sure she was actually alive. The cops who came to the scene told them it was a miracle their car hadn't been hit.

My dreams continued for a couple more days, finally the last one was of me taking care of my dad at home. Both mom and I feel like we accidentally got tied to an alternate reality where she did die, which was shown in my dreams - but my question is, is that possible? Was I seeing an alternate reality, or is it just average nightmares?

For a second part of this, I know that crossing into places you aren't supposed to go, like that alternate reality, have penalties if the connection is maintained too long. So now, I'm having horrible nightmares every night. Nightmares where people die of tragic accidents right in front of me - car accidents, explosions, you name it. They're torturous. I'm going out of my mind having to watch these every night. How do I break my connection with the alternate reality to stop these dreams? I should mention I went through this once before - asked a dead relative a question, and got an answer, but suffered punishment in the form of dreams for it. Got them to stop by reaching out again and asking for their protection from the backlash. But I don't think I can contact an alternate reality in the same way...I am also scared because I wonder if these dreams are an omen of something that will happen soon. Does anyone have any ideas on that?

I'll note here, I'm stopping at my parents house today to pick up my ultimate dreamcatcher - a dreamcatcher I bought as a child that had a Native American prayer said over it when I bought it (I also suffered from awful nightmares and prophetic dreams as a child) - whenever it's hanging up, I don't dream at all, which is a welcome relief. Hopefully it works. If it doesn't, though, I don't know what to do.

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