Space Traveling Sphere of Souls

Bill Walker
Bill Walker
3 years ago
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Any one want to take a crack at interpreting a dream I had recently? Feel free to go for it if you like.

In this dream there was a huge planet sized sphere traveling at great speed through space. The outside layer was a three dimensional maze that surrounded the entire sphere. And one at a time these much smaller spheres would embark from inside the larger sphere and start to work their way through he maze. However, there was no solving the maze, there was a nondescript beginning point but no end way of solving the maze. But every so often the larger sphere would stop and release the smaller sphere on its own journey that was completely of its own choosing.
Then once again the big sphere would begin traveling through space and release just one more smaller sphere from inside to begin running the maze on its outer shell. This repeated itself multiple times before I woke up.The only other thing that seemed important about this dream was that each smaller sphere seemed to contain millions or perhaps billions of souls!

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Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
7 months ago
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Hi Bill,

   Long time..good to see you here! I hope your father is doing well. 

   Have you heard of simulation theory? That was the first thing I thought of when I read this. It is too complicated to explain, but there are dozens of videos about it on YouTube. Tom Campbell seems to be the expert, but there are shorter videos that are easier to understand if not familiar with the concept. This dream reminds me of the universes as nesting dolls, with new ones coming out of the others as they reach an advanced enough stage to make another one. It impressed me as you witnessing how life is spread throughout the universe. More importantly, what do you feel it was about?

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