Dream about iguanas, small lizards, and a large snake

Emmy Long
Emmy Long
5 years ago
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Here's a weird one for you guys. :) I had a dream last night that I was in my parents house and I saw small lizards, yellow with brown spots, crawling in and out from the baseboards as well as under the carpet. Then I realized there were three or four very large iguanas wandering around the house. My brother has a pet iguana so I went to his room to check on it and in it's cage was a large red snake with black markings. Then I realized one side of the cage was broken and the snake looked at me then crawled out after me. It wasn't going very fast so I didn't have to run, but I did walk away into a different room to warn my sister who was the only other person home. We walked out together to see if we could find where it went and it was sitting in the hallway, and when it saw us it started going towards us. We went into my room and shut the door crawled up on the bed. But the snake squeezed through under the door. I kept trying to throw pillows at it to scare it away but I kept dropping the pillows or they would slip ou of my hands. That is where the dream ends. Does anyone have any idea what it could mean?
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