Dark shadowy figure choking me

5 years ago
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As I slept I was awakened from a dream gasping for air. I had been dreaming of a dark shadowy character that was on top of me trying to choke me to death. I was fighting it off much like anyone would bringing their arms down on the person choking you.

Any ideas?

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Kaitlyn Brokaw
Kaitlyn Brokaw
5 years ago
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So sorry to hear this, I know that this is not funny or entertaining in any way.

I am guessing that possibly something was in your house that night and was messing with you in your sleep, getting into your dreams. I have been told by someone that my sleep paralysis is really just spirits and energies messing with me in my sleep. This also brought on really bad dreams. I know this does not necessarily help, but once I stopped being afraid of it, it kinda went away and happens rarely now. Pray to your angels before going to sleep. I have a spray bottle of 5 drops of lavender essential oil and water mixed together. Before bed, I spray it around the room and it really helps. Also helps to put lavender essential oil right on your wrists and forehead. Possibly search some stones and crystals that could help you. I can send a list to you if you'd like?

Hope this helps. Lots of Love!

-Kaitlyn xxx

Bill Walker
Bill Walker
5 years ago
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Do you Astral Travel in your dreams? It may have been an entity attracted to your out of body state, they can scare the hell out of you but they can't really hurt you, I don't think at least. I've heard of people referring to this phenomenon as being attacked by the old hag which happens when you are in a state just between being awake and conscious and being asleep and just becoming conscious. I have experienced this as well but it has not happened in years. Kaitlyn is also correct in what she has to share with you!

Janett Niemi
Janett Niemi
5 years ago
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It could also just be a dream about something that you are living in the waking world. Is there some situation where you feel stifled, under attack, something choking the life out of you? This dream is probably your Higher Power pointing this out to you and you need to take some action. Stand up for yourself or take a stand. If it is a person, find a way to get away from him/her, but don't run. This action should be about standing up for yourself. Find some way to be you and don't allow others to beat you down.

Sending you strength and courage to be free!


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