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Merin Eliz
Merin Eliz
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So, this was a rather special dream in that so many unusual things happened here. Just a few seconds and it gets a lot philosophical. In the dream I was at my school and getting ready for an interview. There were a few others as well. I han't becoeme ready yet, cause I was waiting for a few people to come. And while I waited, I saw another of the students from school. He knew me but didn't acknoledge me. But I accepted it cause I knew he didn't like me that much. But I was okay with it. THen he got ready and went to the interview an the people I was waiting for came an I got ready. It was now that I noticed that I asn't wearing my school uniform. I was wearing a coloured , a multi coloured chiffon dress and a dark blue shawl with orange squares(note: I have very very few coloured dreams. I mostly dream in black an dwhite usually.). I saw everyone was wearing this. hen I stood in line for the interview. I wasn't feeling very great about it . I saw that it was an interview for an acting part. I don't like acting, so i wasn't as enthusiastic as others. My best friend was standing there with me. Then, they called me No.5. and I entered. This was a large room in my school (note that i'm not in school now, i'm in college in real life). I was slightly nervous so my friend told me I should ask 'may i come in?" and greet them. So, I entered asking that and went in and greeted the interview people. I was just a guy an a woman, not much older than me. They weren't sitting in a chair with a table, but rather on an elevated portion of the room on a mat. So, they told me to sit. Then they knew I was nervous so hey sat beside me, like facing the wall i was facing . They said they didn't want me to be nervous. It felt nice. I felt better not having to face them. So,the interview started. At some point in my answer I said "girl." They guy suddenly asked me why I said girl, isn't that a negative term. I understood that he meant that girls are usually looked down upon in society. But I explained that I had meant it in respect, that girls are just a young woman like how boys are a young guy. He seemed pleased with the answer but didn't say anything. Then he asked. "What would you do if your children is killed by someone?". And i asked him. "did they do it on purpose or by accident?". He said, "On purpose". I said "Well, either way I would forgive them because holding on to that or killing them back is not the answer to anything. It'll only affect my karma and bring me back here to live another life.That is not the answer." He nodded to that. "So, if some tress called you to show respect to another tree and you were a tree, would you do the same?" he asked. I didn't understand what he meant. "How is that an analogy to what I had said?" I asked. And the woman nodded because she didn't understand it either. He didn't say anything, but then I suddenly knew the answer correctly." Oh you mean, that like how said doing bad things would affect your karma, doing good things would be good for my karma's nature?" I asked. He nodded."Yes, being respectful and kind and nice is always good for your karma. If you keep doing that you'll get rid of your karma and would no longer want to come back here for a life. You'd be like Christ or Christ or Buddha (yesm, i said christ twice). Enlightened." I replied. Then he nodded. He looked out of the window an saw some people building a gate with a brick underneath. I knew the bricks were there to support the gate until it was dried. I got the feeling he was going to ask me about that. But then someone removed the brick and so he knew i knew the answer. Then I felt someone on my shoulder and the woman who was sitting to my right had fallen asleep on my shoulders. I smiled and let her sleep. I told the guy that she had fallen asleep and he simply nodded. Then I was woken up, but I had the feeling there was more to the dream. Like I wished I atleast knew the results. The dream felt so realistic, when I woke up it felt like a different world. Both the people in the dream were really nice an felt like what best friends would be. So, what do you think this dream was about?

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