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Hey Everyone!  I have been having of string of bad luck where everything is breaking around me and now the list keeps growing to fix.  I think multiple things on this and thought maybe an interesting topic to discuss.  My friends and family may not see it this way.   Was curious to know what your thoughts are if this happened to you?  How did you stop it?  I'm currently trying to figure this out myself for this moment lol.

These are things I think...

1.) Am I off my path in life?

2.) Is my energy messed up now from all the chaos?

3.) The higher above only gives you what you can handle?

4.)  Is this a spirit causing this?

5.)  Is this the negative energy lingering in the house that is causing this?

6.) What else am I missing?

I have saged several times and put crystals around the house.  Selenite, black tourmaline, jet, and shunghite.

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I think it depends on what sort of beliefs you hold and to whom. We all go through a string of bad luck but sometimes that's just how things are.

Your question reminded me of someone close to me who always said I'm bad luck to her.

Everytime we've been in a car journey we have had near misses with Trams and cars etc Makes one think about oneself though doesn't it? (I mean that on a loving/humorous context)..

I've also heard we can attract spirits and negative people based on what we use. Though sage is supposed to be something good.

Have you noticed any patterns when you sage etc?

And bear in mind the intuition of your own physicality. Mine has never failed me thus far.

🌸To look after myself.

🌸To make time for myself

🌸To give myself a break

🌸Do nothing at times as a form of allowing my body to recover from stress, burn out, work and like so

🌸 To remind yourself how many responsibilities you have and which ones can be compromised and where can support from family and friends assist you

🌸To use my VOICE which is something I would rarely do when I knew I needed help or couldn't keep up with others in whatever contexts you want to understand that in.

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