Arch Angel Ishmael

4 months ago
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Hello you all !

This is my first post to the community 🧚🏽‍♀️💫!

So here we go:

The other day I was feeling very physically numb. When that happens I know spirit is trying to reach out to me. So go into my meditative state and as usual I am greeted by a bright emerald fog all around me. Then for the first time the green turned a platinum color. It filled my room! I felt so happy and warm. Then the name Ishmael came to me. I looked this name up and I saw a few articles on Arch Angel Ishmael but not much. I see that Ishmael is the angel of transcendence. 

Does anyone have any more information on this Angel ? Have you been visited by Ishmael ? Please let me know!!!

Thanks !

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