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This thought popped into my head, and it feels like it has some merit?

When looking at charts of chakras on, or above the body, the chakras are usually all drawn the same size. Some expectations exist with yoga charts, where chakras have increasing numbers of petals (going form root to crown), and the crown chakra has so many petals, it might look bigger than the rest.

Our aurabodies increase in size though, i.e. the root chakra aura body is just slightly bigger than our physical body, but when we reach our crown chakra - spiritual aura body, it might extend several feet beyond our physical body.  

Energy goes in and out of our aura bodies through their relevant chakras.

Let’s assume, that according to the charts our chakras hearts are about the size of a lacross ball, up to the size of an orange. If one wanted to refresh/ renew/ heal the energies of a 75Kg body (about 74l volume), that size chakra-heart might be suitable, and it might be possible to do so in a few minute? If we used the same size chakra for the spiritual bodies, which might be 700+litres volume, it would take a lot longer!

It gets even more extreme, when looking at the extra-corporal chakras. I sometimes see them in a way incorporating my life. Feeding bodies that might well include all of Earth (even beyond). As all beings, that more directly or indirectly affect our lives would be included, as we in theirs. So if I wanted to refresh/ renew/ heal the energies of such a body, with an energy entry and exit chakra, the size of an orange, it would take a very long time, and potentially mean extended suffering for a long time!

Chakras being ‘unnaturally’ small, potentially kept that way by my imagination (?), might be a reason why sometimes healings simply do not feel like they are progressing for a long time?

Since I do not think that Ultimate Good/ The Divine is that inefficient, I now assume that chakras actually increase in size, the further up (from the root) we go!

So I now ask that my chakras now please grow into their supposed sizes! And that any energies or beings that/who might try to keep my chakras from growing to their full sizes, be removed/ healed/ banished, or whatever else my Ultimate Good helpers see as necessary. Amen!

How effective this insight will be remains to be seen, I have only activated this yesterday. But it makes enough sense to me, to spread the word already!

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