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Mike Simpson-Rogers
Mike Simpson-Rogers
2 years ago
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As I held my husband in my arms for 3 days while on hospice.  He passed peacefully.  Many who have read my posts know some of what I've been going thru.  November 1st(Friday) I was talking to a close friend about his mother who was on hospice at home. I was taking time to myself running errands.  As we were driving I told her that hospice nurses were saying that they thought shed still be around well into December.  My friend asked me what I thought.  I told her "This is going to be quick.  It wouldn't surprise me if she is gone Sunday morning."  I went to her  room Sunday morning. B4 my first foot in hit the floor. I could tell that the energy in the room was just gone.  Like it all was sucked out of the room.  I turned on the light and she was gone w/ q large ball of foam around her nose to chin.  She was broken and wanted to go when her first baby died.  We took care of her husband 4 her till Dec 14, 14 he passed.

 From the first month after my husband's death.  I just started packing everything for a move. Even had a weekend garage sale and took leftovers to the Salvation Army store.  I am now all packed except for my immediate like meds, journal, etc.  My priest who I met the first moth parafraised a scripture in Ephesians.  "When you've done all you can do, take a stand."  I've got my military file, and even rook 6 months and had his dog made my E.S.A Dog. That way it was legal.  So that is where I was till last friday.  I'd been praying and meditating for a date, and a place to live.  I got a call friday night late.  So I got me a place temporary, till an apartment by myself is open.  I got my prays and wants all ready.  So Friday January 10th I am leaving CA for good.  My husbands ashes are already there waiting for me to get there.  

     All the energy I have felt and gone thru since May.  I have been calm and not depressed. Actually them morning he passed I felt an energy so strong in my Solar Plexus.  I had a switch turned on. Now I see auras around everything that I look at.  Even a dead blade of grass on the ground.  It hasn't turned off and my gifts have got so strong. Everything has been falling into place almost as if by magic.  I asked fod my Xmas miracle and I got it.  My furver for life has got so strong, that when I'm in town people stop and want to talk.  My health stopped dropping and I've started aging my weight back. Slowly but last moth, I went from 120lbs to 138.8 lbs. My at a point where I can start to take it easy a bit andsingle most highest weight gain in many years.  I've got some heavy treatments coming my way. But, Im expecting to be ok. Just Hep C cure.  Now I am going to slow down and do some fun things because I can.

The advice I was given here has helped me by measures I cant explain.  It's just been a wonderful trip and I cant thank those of you who did enough.  My is starting anew at evels where I never thought I'd get to.  

Now I can finally take the time to sit and mourn once I'm settled in Utah.  Again thanks and I will keep posting my new life.

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
2 years ago
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I am sorry for your loss.

I wish you well on your journey & am glad that you are gaining weight, feeling better, etc.

Blessings to you <3

2 years ago
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Oh Michael, that's wonderfully good news to hear! Life always surprises us. Blessings to you...and yes do keep us posted.
Hugs, 💜


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