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Traveling or Projecting

Just Stevie
Just Stevie
2 years ago
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Still trying to figure this out. While it's not a real big deal at the least it's annoying and there's potential for danger in the way of falling. When "it" is rested and wants to be assertive everything in the house can be draped including doors and walls. Trying to feel my way around a dark hallway to find & open my closet doors is a challenge. Especially challenging to do it before my husband gets to the hall before I find the closet. He'll be convinced I am out of my mind.

Ok, so after the big lead in this is what I am thinking/wondering.
If we are on the physical plane and next is the mental plane where everything is identical but has no matter; is it possible I have combined the two on some subdivision of a subplane level and either brought it back with me or I allowed it in or who knows maybe I am there and not here.
The thought basis is I have read of possibilities where there may be a fog or mist and possibly ability to go through doors walls portals and in my case for lack of better word drapes. My world now is always, no matter where I am encased. In daylight there is a barely visible clear yet textured (to the eye) film. At night the webs are more like dense icy and sometimes sparkly heavy mist or fog. They still can gather or separate or form shapes. There are as aforementioned the curtains/drapes. They are sheer burgundy colored and strangely patterned. These are the things I can put my hand through and it disappears. I am acquainting this to a pass through because in the beginning one night a drape was hanging in front of the verticals on the sliding glass door. I experimented putting my hand through and still new to it all walked through. I found myself appearing to be standing in the opening where there was no longer a door. I was on the second level (I  now have a one story) edge of the floor looking down at a beautiful large yard. It resembled my previous yard but the grass was lush and green. The trees beyond a perfect wooden fence were full and straight as far back as you could see. The sky a brilliant blue. I turned and went back through to the darkened bedroom.
I have avoided going through again except maybe my hand. I am apprehensive now.
There are other components but I don't  want to muddy the water.

The second relevant part is what I named mind travel. I wanted further information from what or whoever. I demanded a tour. I felt movement. I saw things vividly, spoke and was heard. There were levels the highest gold and the very top opened up to a blue sky; reminiscent to the end of Willie Wonka where their capsule broke through the glass into the blue horizen. I did a form of this several times until they got sick of me. LOL
Instead of "Mind Travel" I only find "Astral Projection". There is a big difference though and I can't find anything relating to it.
I am never asleep or dreaming. I am a walking around wide awake willing traveler. From the beginning (don't know why) I always preference it with I am coming back. I can open my eyes at anytime. I am always aware of my surroundings and people.

No matter what I do see or feel I am awake. I wake up (if I am not already) when I sense a presence of what I dubbed "visitors"
They stopped coming when this other whatever took over. I have been suppressing all of it for a long time now. When my daughter-in-law died two months ago. I threw caution to the wind and as she lay on life support. I traveled through the colored tunnels /levels whatever in my mind to heal but I later found out she was no longer there. Upon turning off life support I was able to manifest a goodbye to my son. Her hand moved upward from a straight position. She brought it out from under the sheet and reached for my son. He took her hand and she squeezed his, whoa chills. Since then I have been able to bring about many glaring signs from her. I have let the cows out of the barn might as well pursue.

I just can't (as usual) find anything or anyone like me.
So if I don't Astral Project what is it I do. I've certainly have never seen the silver thread connecting.

Sorry, wrote another novel but to be fair it's been a long time LOL

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