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Proof Positive

Just Stevie
Just Stevie
2 years ago
182 posts

For those who know my situation, it has remained the same.
Me blocking as much as I can to try to have a normal life. Days are for the most part event free. Nights are still filled with the overwhelming claim to my space of crawling webs and web shapes where they individually dominate and rush me. I ignore and press on through. The sheeting is there but with the exceptions of a burst of strength when they turn dark rooms into a maze of sheeting covered deception I ignore it. When it is dense I get a little panicky; not because I am frightened but because I stumble to find doors and objects to feel my way through before my husband notices and freaks out.

Ok - So the real reason I am posting is because if I had any doubts before they are forever gone.
Of course this will be long (as usual) because explanations and detail are critical to explaining how events unfolded...

Saturday morning my son called hysterical telling me my daughter-in-law was dead. In confusion and disbelief I struggled to understand.
He said she was "gone". I, in an attempt to make sense of what he was saying; thought maybe she left him. Between my husband's and my conversation with him, we basically learned paramedics had taken her. My husband and daughter (visiting from out of state) grabbed her 7 mo old baby and took off for a 2 1/2 hour journey. During the trip we learned the paramedics found a pulse and had her breathing. Since I knew my son had done compressions it made sense. When we got there she was in a medically chill induced coma. Believing I had healing powers I began to put my hands on on her and sort through mental obstacles. I had surpressed the man's face for years; that has pursued me through trickery. He would always try to cover my mouth with his; now he can rarely appear. I can instantly send him away.

Eyes closed I faced him dead on (literally) I damned him to hell and told him he was not going to block me. Difficult, to describe the vision even to myself; I searched through different colored levels of transparent filmy patterned layers down hallways which only I saw and knew to be there. Losing focus for a nano second meant back to the beginning and restarting. I could slowly move my head (but not my eyes) to stay in direct contact with any appearing face or change of direction. I searched for, often interrupted, hours. Sweat dripping down my face barely able to stand erect I (telepathically)screamed her name. I could not get passed the blue level. I am sure my husband, son and grandsons thought I was crazy but so overcome with pain they ignored it.

We left her to rest and repair and went home. The next day no change in condition. Through I began my search again but to no avail. Out of steam and ideas, I called my daughter who had to stay behind because of the baby.

I had only discovered in recent months that she was an empath and had been experiencing paranormal events since childhood. She thought it to be the norm.

At a loss, I asked her if she could get to the light and backtrack to meet up with me. I never really got passed blue except for quick glances of purple and possible hints of gold (that I felt would lead to the light). I would soon learn further details that made me realize she was actually dead before paramedics arrived. It was pretty certain it was a sudden death heart attack.

The Doctor gave little hope but would be doing more testing. At that time they would also begin warming her; which had been delayed 3 times feeling she wasn't ready.
The testing and warming was complete around 5:00 a.m.
I woke around 5:00 a.m. and felt all connection to her lost; later, finding out the Dr had pronounced her at that time.
My son was told they wanted to disconnect the ventilator but we were waiting for his older son to arrive from California.
The next morning we all went to say goodbye.

The previous night my daughter had said she reached Amy but not entered the light. She had a feeling of something exit from her body. She saw Amy and felt a light brushing down her arm.

At the hospital I closed my eyes and began my search. This time it came easily. The color was purple (it didn't occur to me at the time but later it was pointed out) her favorite color
Beings (?) were swirling around and above her bed. A few came to the head of the bed and bent over her as if to kiss or whisper to her. Some seemed cloacked and hooded. Faces swirled in and out of view. I came face to face, yet still separated by a flimsy drape, with many. Although features were apparent not enough for recognition. We each sought out blind trust.
I was asking Amy to give Steven a sign. I lost connection when the team came in to disconnect.

After the team left we stood gathered around as her vitals slipped away. My son stood on the right side next to her bed. I stood next to him. I looked at the sheet and it was moving. Not that unusual. I often see things move that no one else sees or that even actually move. As the movement continued upward I asked my son if he was seeing it and amazingly he was. Everyone saw it. His wife's hand came out from under the cover and I told my son she was reaching for his hand. He grasped it and felt her return the touch. Everyone saw it! This women had been dead for quite sometime. It was not a natural movement of death. Her other hand was relaxed as were her legs and feet. We gave our goodbyes as the color drained from her face.

Since then there had been other signs although not as dramatic. I am convinced my daughter-in-law is trying to help my son get through the devastating lose. She was his world.

2 years ago
266 posts
@just-stevie What a heart wrenching event; my condolences to your son, you and family.

It seems as if Amy's mission is not finished and that she can better accomplish it from where she is now. How is your son holding up?

I'm glad you and daughter have reconnected at a higher level and that you have her 'in your corner.'

I am also pleased to hear of your self determination in dealing with 'the man.' We can talk more about that privately, if you wish.

Love and Deep Peace to You and Yours,
Michelle 💖
Just Stevie
Just Stevie
2 years ago
182 posts
I still kept trying to reach her talk to her not knowing if she heard me. But there have been other signs
My son is devastated an unconscolable.
My husband & I have been with him at his home since August 3rd but I digress.
My son wasn't sure whether he was sleeping or awake; but he felt his wife pass through him. He said the next day he felt better, calm. He asked me to keep talking to her. I asked Amy to hug him surround him with warmth.
He ventured out for lunch. The waite staff from the restaurant knew him well and asked where was Amy. He had to tell them. Before he knew what was happening total strangers were coming up to him and hugging him. The restaurant comped his meal.
I was being blocked and eventually totally. I couldn't see or feel anything not even the usual. I persisted and slowly it came back and I could go further but never could reach her. However, small signs continued. Then the signs basically stopped.

Now it seems I am paying the price. Everything was coming back fullout; and consuming me. I even have the feeling of my forearm being held I also, again, have the weird churning and pulling feeling inside. The man's face is coming at me from all angles and disguises. I was shocked to see snippets on walls wondows TVs of people going about their business. So far they have stayed behind the first (layer) red shirred pattern curtain so no real descriptions. I can only tell man, women or child and hair styles
This bedroom is completely covered with cream colored curtains that move. So creepy but I would do it all over again to give my son some comfort.
What does it want? Why me? Why won't it just go away?

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