To See or not to See? That is the question

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Just Stevie
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Is this even possible and if it is would it have meaning?

I was organizing some photos on my PC. I have a thing for clouds. I came across one that had the face of a cat looking forward and to the left, separate a car wheel - tire.
I know a lot of clouds resemble all kind of things but this was different. The face of the cat was part of a cloud 2 sky eyes yet surrounded by clouds. As I looked more closely details became clearer. It seemed like the picture of the cloud was superimposed over the cat and wheel. They appeared to be separate images under the picture itself. For a moment I wondered if I had caused it but HOW could I? The wheel was very detailed. After several minutes it slowly faded to the original picture.

Now I am wondering even more if there is some kind of connection to the event I described underneath. Not with each other but in "Am I seeing or imagining?"

For several weeks everywhere I looked or went I would see a clip lasting 3 - 4 sec then returning after same. It was not still it was active. I could see carnival rides especially the gears and motors so I knew that's what it was. I could identify some rides as it progressed. I started being able to differentiate adult vs child and once in a while could make out a little clothing color ie. red
One day it just stopped. I shortly heard on the news a carnival ride accident in another state with injuries had happened.
To make this even weirder the visions  started out with people in hospital beds swinging back and forth

Coincidence  or Imagination
but not a Dream
And why so far away?
With Disney & Universal Studios we don't lack for ride mishaps. Some months ago a child was decapitated on a water slide.

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