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For approximately a year, I have been trying to speak with my spirit guides, guardian angels, etc. I’m not having luck. My analytical mind gets in the way. How do you receive messages from guides? What is your process? Any help would be greatly appreciated....

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
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I'd recommend trying exercises to retrain your brain.  Try searching online for Braintrainment & then once there look for Spirit Guides.

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
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@empathdad :

Thanks for bringing this topic up. This is one of the skills I'm trying to advance on as well. There are times when thoughts that are not mine that are inserted into my mind that are good and positive that I assume come from my spirit guides. And I also get quite a bit of daily ear ringing that I suspect may also be a spirit guide communicating (the ringing tends to coincide with thoughts and ideas that I have). But its so far a one way communication and I would like to break through and get a two-way communication going. From what I gather, there is not really one way that people communicate with spirit guides as it runs the gamut. It appears that we have to listen to others on what works for them and find a method that best works for each of us. And then like  @nocturnes-angel  stated, you have to get your "mind right" if you're not naturally tuned for this.

Here's a link from a podcast that I listen to often that touches on this subject. You may find some of the info. and his other blogs useful:


And the same author also offers an online workshop that I have not yet tried but sounds promising:


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Several years ago, I used to get up early and walk before getting ready for work. During my walks, I would imagine energy passing through me, kind of like I was a link between the earth and the sky. One day, I asked to talk with my main spirit guide. I felt he was male, and I asked his name. Suddenly, I heard/thought "Ogden". Then I "saw" him in my mind. He was bald and wore a long white robe. Over the next several months, I spoke with him more and more, but only was able to hear answers occasionally. I still talk with him sometimes. He feels like a quiet man of few words, but he is very wise. A few months after I learned his name, I was with a friend and we stopped by the house of a friend of hers who is a medium. My ex had just died a day or two before that. She and I hadn't been in contact for several years when she died, but my friend's friend, the medium, went into an impromptu reading shortly after we arrived. My ex had a lot to say. The reading was funny at times and serious at times and was very healing for me because so many of my questions about the relationship were answered. Anyway, during the reading, the medium looked up at me and said, "Who's Ogden?" I said, "My sprit guide." He went on to tell me that Ogden was a 15th (or 16th - now I forget) century scribe and he described him as bald with a long robe. That was a very cool experience!

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