Can you dream other people's dreams?

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Maybe an odd question, and perhaps I don't mean it literally ... I mean it more like, can you generate dreams based on other peoples' energy that you are picking up, with their kind of "atmosphere", perhaps emotions, perhaps even characters / situations / places.

I have no idea, I'm asking because I seem to get a lot of dreams that have nothing to do with my life situation (and I've read a lot on dream interpretation and watched my dreams for decades, so I believe that I can understand many of them intuitively by now). Still, in the most striking dreams I seem to rarely dream about people I know – a lot of the time the characters in my dreams seem "original", they aren't even reminiscent of people in my life, while they are vivid and detailed.

I also frequently dream about things I've never experienced, like being a soldier in a war (the last war where I live was in 1945 thank God), I often have another body, another gender and another physical body build, or another age, other physical abilities (e.g. acrobatics, jumping rooftops) and just the "feel" is nothing that I know from my own experience.

For example this morning I woke up from a dream in which I had been a muscular guy whose body felt heavy and "earthy" compared to my actual physical body. the dream was about operating trams during a war in a city with bombed / collapsed viaducts, and there were some emotionally intense scenes in it about selecting a crew for different jobs, people being ungrateful to the people who take the risks, etc. it was very vivid both visually and emotionally and in terms of the character / energy. I really can't relate that to anything I've recently experienced or thought of, any place or scene in my life, and when I sense into it, the energy in the dream seems to have a different "air" to it than the airs I usually move in.

I get a lot of that; e.g. being a young, small boy with dark eyes and hair (i'm blond and blue-eyed) running from soldiers in a field, or a gang of kids in a similar scenario in the middle of some ... rock-strewn desert, again in vivid detail in a landscape I've never been in. Again, the kids have very detailed looks which tell me nothing – no resemblance to any real character or even movie character. Dreams of this type seem hyper-vivid and super-real, both visually and emotionally and in terms of physically feeling the action happening, which is why I remember them and get shaken up by them.

Some can be very distressing, e.g. I have occasionally had dreams of physical torture of people in prisoner's camps or animals (again, in physical detail which was so vivid that it screwed my mind up for days how my mind could have even come up with that – totally unrelated to my life, and perhaps worse than in movies or books – and I have been making efforts to avoid consuming any type of violence in media for perhaps 15 years now). 

Some of them are of a more positive nature (I guess less memorable because they don't shock the hell out of me), but still they are simply detailed and vivid stories about characters that I don't know and have no associations with, in settings which seem alien. 

I've had that since my youth and kept wondering, why? what the heck? did I watch too many war movies? but it somehow seems to be going much deeper than a mental movie-replay.

I've also kept psycho-analysing myself endlessly, because the only thing I found on that were Freud and Jung (where Jung makes more sense, with the "collective unconscious", but still). 

Does this happen to you? Is it usual?

Any clue what this may be? 

It can be puzzling, but sometimes disconcerting and exhausting – I can wake up tired from all the intense action.

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Do you think you may be recalling past lives in your dreams?

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I have some times dreamed "someone elses dream", where I have "been" another person... Many years ago I dreamt that I "was" my daughter, and I was thinking much about Death. I don't know how I knew I was her, I just knew... Then all of a sudden I saw an old man in front of me. He was lying in his bed, and then he drew his last breath and died. Then I felt "myself" gasp for breath, holding two fingers over my nose and bend down on my knees. Getting the feeling of sinking down under water... This dream really scared me. Was it a sign, a premonition of some sort? Was my daughter in danger? Then a few days later my daughter told me that she had been thinking about how ut would feel to die. And now she had found the answer. "It's just like holding your breath..." and then she showed me... I understood that I had picked ut her energies and "created" a dream about it...

I have dreamt many weard dreams, feeling that I was not the maincaracter, but someone else. Feeling differently, not like you do, knowing the bodysize and looks... Just a "knowing" that I am someone else... Sometimes it is like you say, I meet People I have never seen before, landscapes etc... And it feels so real, those dreams are so "Clear" in a way... In these cases I don't know who I am in the dream. Other times I feel that I "live out" the energies I have picked up from another person...

Have you seen the serie about "Allison Dubois"? The psycic who worked with the police? Probably.. Anyway, she sometimes dreamt that she was the killer, acting out his murders... She was in his head. I remember feeling that I had done someting similar in my dreams... Maybe some of theese dreams you and I expirience are clairvoiant dreams? Or some sort of premonition? Sometimes a weird dream falls into place after a while. Something happens, and I realize that "this is why I had that dream". Like a mild and softly premonition...

It is good to "talk" to someone else about this. Someone who can understand... My kids also have theese kind of dreams, they also say that they can feel the pain in the dream...

Have a Nice day :)

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Sounds like your dreams are from past lives. I was told once your soul will show you things from a past life that may need fixing today.

As for sharing dreams. My mother and I have had similiar dreams. I think it is the connection we share.
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
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I have a friend who has a twin and about once a year, they will both have a dream about being in a tornado on the exact same night. They have not been in any tornados in this lifetime. What do you think was going on when you had the same dream as your relative and why do you think they stopped? 

I always look like some other person in dreams, but I know it is me, and can usually find some kind of theme to the dream. Last night, for example, I had a nightmare in which I was confronted with 3 ways in which I feel helpless in this life, but I looked very different and was much younger. 

Do you think we are seeing ourselves in other lives sometimes and are even being influenced by that life in this one? Can experiences or lessons in dreams in one life influence our other lives?

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I have also experienced some of the things described, both from picking up someone’s energy and sort of living through situations as them, if it’s a person I have been intimate with, sometimes it happens at the same time they’re experiencing them. Last night I dreamt about my ex, while he was having an argument with his ex wife, I could feel the anger and all the emotions he was going through, spoke to him later in the night and he sort of told me, in a vaguish way what had transpired. 

And then I have also experienced dreams that I assume are my past lives, because in the dream I am the person, I know everyone I interact with, but the part of me that is this me has no idea who any of these people are. In one such dream I was a thief, went home to my wife and told her ‘they’ were coming for me, I was then dragged into the town and had my hand chopped off. Now in this life I’m a woman and have never stolen anything...

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