Is depersonalization disorder connected to empathy?

3 years ago
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I've had a few experiences of depersonalization the past few years, thankfully I hadn't had any recently.

It's like experiencing astral projection while awake. (Not that I know how astral projection feels like, but that's the idea) It is the feeling of being disconnected from your body,  that you're somehow a robot, watching yourself go about your life.

It creeped me out so much, thinking that if I go any farther, I may never come back, if that makes sense at all. I noticed this happens when exposed to high stress levels.

Right before an "attack", I feel emotionally numb and burned out, so maybe this is all connected to empathy.

I am also curious if you guys and girls experience this as empaths, would love to hear your thoughts on this Laugh

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3 years ago
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I've never felt this on my own, but I've read about empaths who have.  Due to it being during stressful times, I've always wondered if it was some kind of defensive mechanism.  Spirit self trying to separate and disassociate with physical self.  

Who is this person I see?

Is it you? Is it me?

Who am I supposed to be?

Do I stay? Do I flee?

Problems seem folded three

Ego stuck to some degree

Body hollow like a tree

Spirit crying "Set me free!"

Cast all doubt into the sea

Without fear we agree

To make One is the key

I am you and you are me

Hop Daddy
Hop Daddy
3 years ago
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@eri-ameonna :

My empath son dealt with this last year. It scared him and freaked him out. He said it was like having an out of body experience while awake. He felt like he was in a trance and caught between two worlds where he was frozen in time. He is in high school and it was becoming a problem in class. We got him a good selection of protection stones and it hasn't been a problem since. I will say that he was experimenting with astral projecting right before he started having depersonalization problems. So I think he may have turned on the switch for that while projecting. He was seeing some very strange things while astral projecting (like alien creatures). So I had to force him to stop that for his own good. And luckily no problems since.

Anna Strobl
Anna Strobl
3 years ago
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Yes. Often times. Like I'm hovering outside of the situation and my reactions are entirely spontaneous and unplanned. It's as if I'm listening to my own advice. I can also step out of a threatening circumstance and thwart it, and deflect bad energy. 

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