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3 years ago
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I feel ridiculous even posting this, but I have been extremely lonely lately, and desperately want to meet my soul-mate/future husband, and need advice/new perspective. I am a 23 year old woman, and have never been in a serious relationship before. I dated one guy, once, when I was 20, but he ended up not being my type. I knew after 2 weeks that it would not go anywhere, and I told him. He was really clingy, and it took me about 8 months to get him to stop bugging me constantly, and thinking I was sending him signals that I was interested in him (because he would bug me endlessly to hang out, and every couple of weeks I would agree because I felt bad). I eventually cut him off cold turkey because I got fed up, and he finally stopped trying to get a hold of me after a few weeks. I have not been on a date with anyone since.

I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, so dating was highly looked down upon, and I never learned how to flirt, or even interact with people of the opposite sex. I can also come across as shy, and I am introverted, so it is hard to find someone I "click" with, and it is even harder to "get out there."

I feel like my soul-mate is out there somewhere, and I keep feeling it is soon, but I'm afraid it is an illusion. I want love, I want companionship (my family disowned me, which probably doesn't help in the desperation field... mostly because my mom is a narc and I stopped playing her games), but I am afraid I am going to end up being single and alone my whole life.

I guess what I am looking for is some sort of confirmation that it is going to happen, or some sort of advice on what I need to do to find him. Anything you guys feel would honestly be great.

I've been told that I could flirt more, which I could, but I want to wait for Mr Right, and I want it to be special when I find it. I would hate to end up with the wrong person, and miss the right one because I'm with someone else.

Thank you so much!


Here is an image (taken a couple weeks ago) just in case someone needs it.

Me Small.jpg

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Hello hoofbeats,

Don't worry, we're here to help! No judgements. No-one deserves that <3 

-my immediate findings from your picture below-

You seem very satisfied with how your life is right now, and you also seem to have everything except for that love interest which could really seem to kind of complete everything. I do know the relationship you're looking for either could be good in the fact that you both might have your own separate interests (kind of like doing your own thing together), or that [s]he has something really major going in (career-wise), and you may be left to your own devices or to entertain yourself.

Either of those seem like a possibility for your future love life, as you seem to be very confident and more sure in yourself as a person.

I didn't see an actual person in your future as of now, but this will probably change as you start on your journey. ;]

There might also be external things from keeping you guys together once you do find someone (distance, jobs, etc), but don't let that get in the way and make you let go of this person if you really like them, because I personally had that with my current beau, and we are wonderfully happy after we stuck it out for two years. 

I do also get the sense that you are a very sweet and caring person, so don't give up hope for that person because everyone has one :] Also, remember to guard yourself (even though I suspect you already are well-versed in that already), and don't go back to old patterns of thinking. 

There is also a transition of realness from you, kind of like growing up in a way that you are looking for something real and lasting in a relationship which seems like you are ready. With this, you also have to remember to be consistent, realistic, and persistent in what you are looking for in a relationship. If someone isn't giving you what you need, move on and look for better, because you WILL find it. 

The only way to get to what you deserve is by saying no to what you don't. Don't forget that.

Right now, it is very clear that you have the skills and the strength to go look for what you need, and whatever you envisioned in your head as a relationship, your goals for a person you would like to go for, go and GET it because it is attainable right now.

You may have to try some things you wouldn't have in the past that may be out of your comfort zone (maybe online dating, going out with friends to events, being more open-minded to different kinds of people, being more social than usual), but that is the only way to get something new.

-regarding the trying new things or ways to talk to people in dating situations, send me a message! Or ask people on here! We will gladly help. Most of us have all been there in the beginning days of dating. 

Stay blessed sister. Have the courage to take the leap, and the great spirit will always catch you if you're being true to yourself. {3 

Anna Strobl
Anna Strobl
3 years ago
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I feel you are open to new connections. I sense a wariness as well. This is likely to hold you in good stead as you're intelligent and empathic enough to guard yourself from bad influences and recognize insincerity. There is the *right* person out there for you. In the meanwhile focus on making yourself the best you can be and enjoying your life fully. At class, at your employment, whatever you may be doing. I also see an outdoors meeting of some kind, perhaps in the spring.  

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Hey, I'm sorry this took me so long to get back to. I sort of dropped off the face of the earth due to life and really bad depression. Thank you for your input and advice. I appreciate it! I've been trying to get out there a bit, but I haven't had any sort of luck yet. Hopefully something will change soon. Once again, thank you, and hope you have a wonderful day!

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