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The light shines on the butterflies, I reach out to touch the butterflies and they are gone, and suddenly i'm in water, i'm at peace right now and i reach out to touch the light, i'm with god and I'm in the light, then im in a field of grass with a gentle breeze, i'ts warm, that field of grass turns into light, everything is light. I see light all around. I touch the light then I see darkness and I'm sad lost lonely and suicidal and I hear voices, this darkness came on me suddenly and its like I'm walking this path that's dark and dreary and so many things are weighing me down making it hard to walk forward. I almost want to give up but I pull myself together just enough to walk a little further down this path, years go by I keep trying to find the light in this darkness and I do, i'm just opening up to the light, i'm starting to see that my thoughts can be the light, but they can also be the darkest of the dark. And I learned how to see the light in the dark when the world is showing me darkness by their judgement of me, when my voices show me no love I learn to see that I am beautiful anyways by correcting the darkness of my thoughts with light, which is a good thought. God let's me see the light but god also let's me see dark sometimes to learn, to grow and to teach other how to overcome darkness. In the darkness is also the light, that light comes from within. I'm suppose to find my light in the darkness and learn to feel at peace, I'm suppose to learn to overcome different hurdles in life with the light I hold within, then I will hold the knowledge of how to overcome those things in life that are hard and can help others that are in the darkness, so the next time you think a thought of darkness like I am not loved let the light come in with a thought of it doesn't matter if he doesn't love me I'm still beautiful, look at all my positive traits and god loves me and thats all that matters. And if you wanna know God look at the beauty in life and the world and look at all things good, there is also bad in life but you can overcome that by searching within and finding your light, the same light that God is made of that you have within you. And nobody knows that there truly is a god, but I choose to believe there is one and I think god is all things good in heaven and this world, even the bad things are god too .Maybe the bad things are god in disguise to help us learn and to grow, to have more knowlege and to be stronger.

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Very nice!!  Thanks for sharing.

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