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Do you know where you have been?

Do you know where you are?

Do you know where you are going?

I’ve been lost.

Sunk in despair

Drowned in remorse

Held hostage by hate

Frozen by doubt

Dizzied by greed

Baited by jealousy

Mugged by anger

Deceived by pride


“Why me?”

Through it all….

I tried to pass blame.

I’ve been found.

Laying in a field alone

Hiding in my blanket of darkness

First just one light

Then two and three

Warmth in the cold

Bright in the dark

With each new light

Weapons were gained

Helmet of content

Chestplate of charity

Shield of love

Sword of joy

Boots of hope

Restored with friendship

The path was still not clear

But I’m no longer alone

I’ve been led to this point

Am I expected to lead from here?

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