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I stand here now looking back on where I have been

The road took twists and turns

Sometimes barely visible or grown over

I kept putting one foot in front of the other

I have seen amazing things

Waded through sadness

Fought through anger

Hid in the dark

Ran for my life

Climbed over greed

Danced in Joyous rain

Slept under stars of Love

I stand here now looking at where I am

The fields are wide and welcoming

The water is clear and refreshing

Life seems to be swarming all over

I am so tired from coming this far

It seems like a fine place to rest for awhile

Maybe I could build a house and stay

We could get off the path and just be…

I am told it is not the time yet

I don’t have to travel alone anymore

If I lead they will follow

If I listen they will guide

I stand here now looking at the horizon

Snow capped mountains before me

But I realize my destination is not the top

Where I am going is far beyond

Like the wind I will blow mightily up and over

Like the water I will meander and make my own path

Like the earth I will hold strong and plow through

Like the fire I will glow with a heat people won’t believe

I can’t see the end of the road

I don’t fear the trials ahead

I will rejoice in the little things

I will put one foot in front of the other

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