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So I like to write.  I'm not the best with grammar and spelling, fortunately computers help a lot in that area.  Mostly in the past it has been poems, speeches (that I write/outline but are never spoken), and just random things.  A few years ago I started writing a book.

The book I started was/is a seedy romance.  I have around 8-9 chapters roughed out.  Like I said I started it two years ago and then shared it with a group of people.  One of the readers was the first person I formed a long distance clear full time empathic connection with.  This caused a lot of confusion for me and my relationship of what it meant to form that type of connection.  Ultimately this caused my reawakening, coming out as an empath to my wife and a few close friends, and my wife in turn helped me find the EC.

So wrote on the book for a month or two after my reawakening, and put it away to move onto other things that I felt were more pressing.  I opened it up again a month or two ago, and want to start writing it again.  Although I'm thinking of taking it in a slightly different direction.

The main character is an Empath.  His abilities are a fictionalized version of what I myself am capable of, or the abilities of others I have spoken to.  Original plot is main character eventual meets his twin flame, and saves her from a narcissist who was trying to press her into marriage.  

There are several reasons I feel I want to write this book.  One reason is I want to put "Empath" out there more, even if some of the abilities are slightly fictionalized.  We have lots of self help books on empaths and sensitives, I thought it would be nice for a romance/fiction story.  As most writers do, I want to live vicariously through my character in a way.  I hope that maybe an unrealized empath/sensitive might read it and might start wondering, opening their path and maybe ultimately lead them somewhere like here to interact with others like them.

So I'm thinking about changing the current plot.  Expanding on it to include several types of relationships, working with energy, and becoming more balanced.  I may turn it into an e-book series, and need to start younger in the main character's life.  

What are your thoughts, ideas, and concerns?

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