I See You

3 years ago
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I see You

I wonder if they see what we do

If they could see through my eyes

Would they see the hate and lies

Is it what I feel that makes it seen

Not sure if I can show you what I mean

Some don’t look close enough to see

Other’s so close they can’t let it be

Maybe you will be one that learns The Sight

With it you will also learn that truth is a fight

Those that are blind never will admit

Those that see choose not to commit

In the dark we must hold hands and lead

Joined together the trapped can be freed

It is okay to let your pain and hurt show

In your heart you must learn to let it go

The battlefield will be deep in your mind

Your own path you are tasked to find

The path may be blocked or not clear

You must keep moving through the fear

If you could see what I see

What would you see in me

3 years ago
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Seriously..."joined together the trapped can be freed"...you are talented. I connect to your writing immediately. Thanks for sharing this one as well!

3 years ago
62 posts
Thanks. Not sure I can take all the credit. Funny how all my writings have always been targeted at empaths. Most of the ones I've shared here came right after my reawakening. This one kinda fell on the paper. I don't mind taking credit for the ones I had to work on, but this one was given to us.

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