My Journey

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My Journey

Born to a world of strife

This is the story of my life

Turbulent waters I was born

Father left and forever shorn

Mother with two young boys

Pain all her heart employs

A man makes her whole again

Together family they then begin

Time spent on Grandparents farm

Where I’m taught to do no harm

A change occurred early on

Pushed and pulled like a pawn

In my teens I was more confused

Confidence and ego surely bruised

Dad filled with work frustration

Anger caused our degradation

Life is surely now a fight

Turned to God for his light

Found a girl to hold dear

Pushed away by her fear

Lost and alone I was dropped

Hopes and dreams now popped

Only in friendship I was found

Like brothers we were bound

Confidence and joy first time gained

A woman, my wife preordained

Our hearts began to mesh and weave

A family we together would achieve

What I was, still hidden from all

The things I feel behind my wall

Something I wrapped and tucked away

The words were too hard for me to say

Something inside me felt alone

The thing I did not want shown

Out of nowhere it was pushed out

Made clear to all there was no doubt

Guided my whole life from above

No more subtle hints just a shove

Shown the things that I had endured

Told for a reason, the voice assured

Given direction where once I was lost

More than willing to accept the cost

Rewards of Joy and Love in return

My light is for all to see it burn

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Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
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Love this! Thanks for sharing ;)

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